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AKA: Gallipoli - An die Hölle verraten
Tagline: From a place you’ve never heard of, comes a story you’ll never forget

1981, 110-minutes, Rated PG. This movie is a popular war drama than has a running scene. The story follows two idealistic young friends who join the Australian Army in World War I and fight the doomed battle of Gallipoli in Turkey. Set in 1915, the running scene is of the two main characters involved in a foot race near the beginning of the film. Directed by Peter Weir who is also credited with writing along with David Williamson, a book by the same title was written based on the screenplay by Jack Bennett, music by Brian May. offers this film in VHS, VHS widescreen, and DVD format. For cast information, scene, reviews, links, and DVD details see this Gallipoli site and if you still want more, read additional reviews.

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The Games

The spectacle behind the spectacle
This film is set during the Rome Olympics. The film zeroes in on four contestants in the 26-mile marathon race: Briton Michael Crawford, American Ryan O’Neal, Czech Charles Aznavour and Australian Athol Compton. Scenes of the grueling training sessions are placed in context with the personal dramas of the four men. Crawford is being driven to the breaking point by trainer Stanley Baker, O’Neal is suffering from a dangerous heart condition, Aznavour is past forty but obliged to compete by his government, and Compton is an Aborigine fighting a lifelong battle against prejudice. Eric Segal, himself a former Olympic marathoner, adapted the screenplay of The Games from the novel by Hugh Atkinson. Released in theaters in 1970, 97-minutes, rated G. This movie has never been released on video tape, although rare copies have been made from late night tapings from cable television.

Get on Your Mark

AKA: Lavete Thesis
This 1973 Greek film follows the story of a provincial tailor who hopes to escape his drab life by becoming a track star, but his dreams are dashed in a big city factory. 87-minutes with Theodoros Maranghus acting as the director, producer, screenwriter, and editor.

Girl of My Dreams

AKA: Love Race
1934, 65-minutes, filmed in black and white, produced by William T. Lackey, directed by Raymond McCarey, and written by George Waggner. An intercollegiate track meet forms the background of this musical comedy about a star athlete who pays scant attention to women until the senior class election.

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The Girl with Brains in Her Feet

Run hard. Live fast... and Don’t Trip Up
(Jacqueline) Jack is a beautiful 13 year-old girl with a talent for sprinting and a taste for adventure. It’s 1972, and winning the county athletics championship should be Jack’s dream. But with a concerned mum and wild school friends to deal with, she discovers quickly the attraction of smoking, boys and sex. Filmed in England in 1997 it was released in the UK December 6, 1999 on PAL format VHS tape. The length is 98-minutes and it is rated PG in the United States. A review by Felicia Feaster is available for more information on the content of this teen transitional film. Directed by Roberto Bangura, written by Jo Hodges, and with music by Robert Lane.

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Girls Sports: On the Right Track

This 17-minute documentary was released on 16-mm film in 1975, with the VHS version made available in 1980.The DVD was released in 2008 in both a Home Edition as well as Public Performance Version. By considering the limited opportunities available to women to compete in sporting events in the past, it shows how these limitations are being replaced by new opportunities for women in a variety of competitive sports, including track and field. Historical footage of Babe Didricksen and Wilma Rudolph is contrasted by three high school girl’s experience. Ellen Freyer Productions released this film (Ellen also was the film’s producer and director) along with Phoenix Films, Inc.

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A Glimpse of Heaven and A Taste of Hell

The 2007 Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs
This 2007 film was directed by Tyler Bourns and captures the race event which was held on July 21, 2007. In this 56 minute DVD you will get a chance to see what the 400 entrants from around the world experienced when competing in an ultra distance endurance run on the world famous Tahoe Rim Trail. Athletes were able to choose from a 50K, 50 miler, or the exhausting 100-Mile National Championship Event. Hosted by Kelly Quinn and told by the participants and volunteers you will discover both the story of ultra running as well as the colorful history of this event. A variety of organizations benefit from the proceeds from the sales of this DVD. This production was produced by Temma Keatan-Hammond and Sheldon Altfeld and you can view a sample on To learn more about this race visit the official race site, Tahoe Mountain, to learn about the course and visit to place an order to own this film.

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Go For Gold

Available new or used from, this 1984 drama lasts for 98 minutes and stars James Ryan, Cameron Mitchell, Sandra Horne, and Tamara Franke. The back of the box describes the movie as the following: Johnny Morris (Ryan) lives at home with his mother and his physically abusive stepfather. His only outlets are girlfriend Trish and running. His friend and mentor, Victor, a champion runner, helps him train for his first marathon. Industrialist Phillip Prichard discovers Johnny and takes him under his wing. Prichard forces Johnny to give up Trish and Victor. In return Johnny will receive money and fame. But Johnny must choose whether money is worth giving up everything meaningful in his life. The VHS release was made possible by Lightning Video in 1986 and again in 1993 by Avid Home Entertainment. The director is Stuart F. Fleming with music provided by David McHugh.

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Go Wild! Fitness: All-Terrain Workout Northern California

2001. Here you will have the opportunity to conduct a 53 minute outdoor adventure workout within the convenience of your own home. Jenn Varno, an experienced marathoner, trail runner, and triathlete, hosts this solid mixture of Movie of the Month, March 2003fitness activity that will include a progressive warm-up, 20 minute intense cardiovascular segment, and cooldown. You will enjoy jogging during the warm-up, five sprint sessions, jumping, kickboxing, balance work, calisthenics, yoga, and more as you go through this active routine surrounded by the beauty of four filming locations from Northern California: Windy Hill Open Space Preserve, Pinnacles National Monument, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, and Pescadero State Beach. Lili Schad, who made her mark shooting ski films with Warren Miller, is the executive producer and director of this project and knows how to mix the music and images to obtain a quality workout experience. Orders can be placed from when you are ready to have a great workout.

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The Gods of Olympus

1996, 80 minutes, hosted by James Rizzuti. This production takes a variety of angles while looking at the modern Olympic movement to show "the deeper religious significance of the world’s spectacular sports event". It covers aspects such as peace, politics, Olympic symbols, music, the torch relay, opening and closing ceremonies, and the Greek origins of the games. Most of the footage is from the 1996 Athens Olympics including the running footage that includes the men's 100 meter race where Donovan Bailey sets the world record of 9.84 seconds. Linford Christie’s disqualification from this race is discussed as he initially refused to leave the track and then later took a "victory lap". Women’s 100 meter races are also shown, although it is not clear who is competing in these races. Overall this is an odd presentation with the host dominating the discussion, with repeated images. The highlight is clearly the performance of Bailey that is shown. This video is available from the manufacturer, Midnight Call Ministries.

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Going for the Gold: Preview of the 1988 Summer Olympics

1988, 45-minutes, Hosted by Bryant Gumbel and Dick Enberg with the authority of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). On September 16, 1988 the Olympic flame will be lit and for the next 17 days the world’s greatest athletes will join together in the supreme effort..."Going for the Gold". More than 11,000 athletes from over 160 countries will come together at the Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea for the challenge of their lives. You are taken behind the scenes as athletes prepare to compete against one another on the playing fields, in the gyms and the arenas from around the world. Witness the real life stories of America’s brightest Olympic hopefuls (Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses, Evelyn Ashford) and journey to Korea, land of ancient mystery and exotic beauty, and host of the Games of the XXIV Olympiad. Highlighted races from the 1987 World Championships are shown as well as each day’s schedule of events. This film, released in both 16-mm and VHS formats, ends with a five minute historical slide show of still photos from each of the modern day Summer Olympiads.

Going Some

This 1920 black and white silent comedy was written by Paul Armstrong, Rex Beach, and Laurence Trimble, with Harry Beaumont providing the direction. Instead of the old homestead, which has oil on it, dependent upon the outcome of a horse race, this time it is a foot race, but virtually everything else is the same. When a top runner breaks his toe, the hero must take his place in the big race.

Going the Distance

This short 7-minute 16-mm film features American Olympic Champion Frank Shorter in the marathon. No Olympic event captures the drama and emotion as this 26.2 mile grueling event where winners must go beyond all limits. Produced in 1983.

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The Gold and Glory

AKA: The Coolangatta Gold
Tagline: A young man’s quest for passion, the love of his father, and the respect of his brother. The pursuit of...

Released in 1984 in theaters and then in 1988 on VHS, 100-minutes, rated PG-13, originated from Australia. The box description states: A son fights for his father’s love and his own self-respect in the grueling Coolangatta Gold, the race where he must test if he will ever be a man. Steve Lucas suffers in a family dominated by his father’s dreams for his older brother, Adam. When the brother’s rivalry for the love of a beautiful dancer escalates into a bitter break, Steve challenges both Adam and his father by entering the race that has been their life goal. An adrenaline-drenched race day climax will have you cheering and weeping as this gripping conflict is resolved in one of the most exciting and surprising finishes ever. Written by Peter Schreck and directed by Igor Auzins, you may obtain a copy through or turn to an auction site and make a bid.

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Gold Medal Champions

AKA: Greatest Sports Legends, Olympic Gold Medallists
Brought to you by Front Row Entertainment this 1988 film is a part of the Greatest Sports Legends series and lasts 47-minutes. 11 athletes are celebrated in this Olympic history program that spans over 50 years and in order of appearance they are: Jesse Owens, Bob Mathias, Milt Campbell, Rafer Johnson, Bill Toomey, Bruce Jenner, Wilma Rudolph, Peggy Flemming, Mark Spitz, Edwin Moses, and Al Oerter. With each segment running about four minutes you will see the challenges that each athlete faced, footage from Olympic competition, and watch interviews about their experiences. Each of these segments are excerpts from the 30-minute production that was made of each athlete that are sometimes broadcast on ESPN entitled "ESPN Sports Classics".

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Gold Medal Track & Field DVD

This is a 2005 DVD release from Human Kinetics that combines four of their previously released instructional tapes into one convenient package. Two of the selections highlight running: Sprints, Hurdles, and Relays with coach James Williams and Middle and Long Distance featuring Mike Poehlein. The additional two titles that are on this disc include a Jumps with Charles Craig and Throws with Randy Heisler. If you are wanting to be well-versed in many disciplines of track & field than instruction found here will assist in improving technique and provide drills necessary for improving your athlete’s performance. Order a copy today from Human or and get ready for the other coaches and athletes on your team to want to view this one.

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The Golden Games

The History of the Modern Olympic Games 1896-2004
This 2 DVD collection documents the history of the Olympic Games from 1896-2000. Released in the Summer of 2004 right before the Athens Games by Viastar Distribution, the International Olympic Committee footage captures the athletes and the games as they progressed through the modern era. Filmmaker Sandra Carter sets the games in the context of specific political events unfolding at the same time in different parts of the world. Carter notes with irony that these often-violent incidents were at odds with the Olympics' basic tenets of peaceful competition. Featurettes include :The Rise of Nazism, The Cold War, Years of Protest, and The End of Communism. This is a Region 1 encoded with language in English only, although the subtitle options include Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. Total run time is 164 minutes and to obtain your copy visit where you can order new or used copies.

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The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story

This 1980 made for TV movie stars Stephanie Zimbalist, as a Gymnast named Anya Andreov from the Soviet Union, who falls in love with an American athlete, played by David Keith. The supporting cast includes Richard Lawson, Victor French, Merlin Olsen, Ed McMahon, Bryant Gumbel, O.J. Simpson, Dick Enberg, Bruce Jenner, Jack Palance, and James Earl Jones. The length of this film is 199 minutes, that’s over three hours, and it was originally broadcast as a miniseries. This film has a rating of PG and was directed by Richard C. Sarafian with the original story writing credits to Don Ohlmeyer. This is a difficult to find video and you may have to wait some time to pick it up at one of the auction sites.

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Golden Moments in U.S. Olympic History

As part of The Olympic Series Polygram Video teamed with the International Olympic Committee to bring you this 47-minute movie from 1996. Here you will see several special United States athletes who have transcended the accomplishments of their international competitors to carve out a permanent place in Olympic history. Both Summer and Winter Olympic competition are featured (not in chronological order) on this tape that is narrated by Curt Chaplin. Jesse Owens is the first athlete featured with comments by 400 meter champion Archie Williams. Jackie Joyner-Kersee is shown in 1988, being unbeaten in four years, creating a new world record in the heptathlon. Carl Lewis is highlighted in the 100 meters both in 1984 and 1988 which includes brief interviews. 400 meter hurdle specialist Edwin Moses is shown both in 1976 and 1984 in addition to being interviewed. Bruce Jenner set five personal bests in the 1976 decathlon while winning the gold medal. 17 athletes are featured in all during the course of this presentation.

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Golden Moments of the Olympic Games 1896-1996

From the first modern competition in Athens in 1896 to the recent games in Atlanta a century later, Golden Moments of the Olympic Games highlights the epic moments, the triumphs, the sorrows, the great rivalries, the record breaking performances, and the defining moments of the Olympics in this 4 tape video set. Containing footage from the official archives of the International Olympic Committee, each volume time is 1 hour for a total of 240 minutes of Olympic Viewing pleasure. carries this 1998 release if you want to own it.

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