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Top Distributors

Please view the Availability Index to see what movies can be purchased new at this time. You may also want to read the Ordering & Purchasing Tips page for additional pointers on how to pick up running movies. Here is a listing of distributors by volume, listed alphabetically, if you want to browse the movies that they offer (and if you would rather rent than own, try Netflix):

Amateur Athletic Foundation Library

Amateur Athletic Foundation Library The AAF operates the largest sports research library in North America, the Paul Ziffren Sports Research Center, that is located in Los Angeles, California. This library was created with surplus funds from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games and its mission is to serve youth through sport and to increase knowledge of sport. Over $100 million has been spent accomplishing this mission since 1985. This library is free and open to the public, although they do not loan any of their collection of 7,000 videos, 40,000 printed volumes, and 90,000 photo images. With the Olympics being a particular strength you will find complete video sets of all NBC, CBS and ABC television coverage of Olympic competition since 1988. Visit this library at and if you can travel to Southern California you may want to stop in at the library to view one of these rare tapes that is detailed by linking below:

Championship Productions

Read Film Description Bill Bergan, the two-time NCAA Championship-winning head Track & Field and Cross Country coach at Iowa State University (retired in ’95), began Championship Books in 1976. The company started as a true "basement enterprise" and has since grown to include a staff of over 30 people in its 12,000 square foot facility. They also expanded from athletics to over 20 sport categories of available merchandise. At their web site, in addition to being able to purchase DVDs, books, and see many clips of their productions, you can also view and contribute to their Track & Field Community Forum. In June 2007, all VHS stock was eliminated and DVD is the only format now available to purchase.

Coaches Choice Videos

Read Film Description From Monterey, California comes one of this publishers of books and videos for coaches. From Aquatic Sports to Volleyball, they carry nearly a dozen sport categories that can easily be searched at Coaches These "hands-on" teaching videos offer live action demonstrations with coaches sharing their insights, ideas, and information on both the fundamentals as well as specific running techniques and methods. With 21 videos in the Track and Field section, there are seven titles that involve running, including the following:

Human Kinetics Videos

Coaching Speed Known far and wide for their contributions in physical education, sports medicine, exercise science, and social science, Human also produces and distributes books, videos, journals, software and other resources for athletes and coaches alike. When you search through twenty sport topics you will find a variety of instructional and educational tools. Running books are prevalent with recent releases such as the 2002 release Running Encyclopedia by Richard Benyo and Joe Henderson and the 2003 release (4th edition) of Lore of Running by Dr. Timothy Noakes. The seven instructional videos listed below can be ordered in either NTSC (North America)or PAL (Europe) video formats to allow for a wider audience reach:

LARR Movie Club

Since 2001, the Los Angeles Roadrunners have been conducting a Movie Club that coincides with their 26-week training schedule leading to the Los Angeles Marathon in February. Each week the club members exchange running movies on a rotating basis. Club founder (and film editor) Philip Steinman has accumulated the movies and has coordinated the effort to make the rotation of films run smoothly. Visit the LARR Movie Club web site to see how they have set up their exchange. He encourages other running groups to start their own Movie Club, or lending library, to inspire others during their training.


If you enjoy renting DVDs for home viewing than you may want to review how you are getting the movies you want to see. At you pay a monthly fee of $20 and can keep a revolving library of up to 3 DVDs at any time. All shipping is free (the program uses prepaid first class mailers both ways) and there are no due dates for any of the films. With no late fees, or trips to the store, your movie watching experience couldn't be any easier. The more quickly you view films and return them, the more titles you can see for the same price each month. With over a million customers and a selection that reaches over 15,000 titles you can count on seeing something that interests you. Here is a list of movies that involve running that are currently available to rent in DVD format from Netflix:
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The Olympic Museum

On the slopes overlooking Lake Geneva at Ouchy is the current location of the Olympic Museum in Switzerland where over two million people have visited since its opened in July, 1993. On January 5, 2005 the museum is opening a new Museum Shop, a store that sells souvenirs, books, art prints, clothing, and (best of all) films. Below is a list of films for sale through the shop that are currently included at this site. View a PDF format list in English or French to see prices and availability at the Museum Shop. All sales are made in Swiss Francs, so you may need to convert your currency to make payment in the form of an international money order or wire transfer. They offer VHS tapes in three video formats (PAL, NTSC and SECAM). If you are unaware of what format your machine plays, visit that lists all tape formats by country.

If you are interested in purchasing either DVD or VHS films, one source that should not be missed is The below titles have all been offered in the past, although availablity can change quickly. With shipping costs being $1.40 for one item, $2.80 for two media items, and $2.95 for as many as you select, your savings may be dramatic. All shipping in the continental United States is media mail (1 to 3 weeks) and they have teamed with to offer international shipping to over 30 countries outside the United States. Please select the banner to start searching for your favorite running movie at

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Salmini Films

Ambrose Salmini, former President of the New York Athletic Club Runners Club, is the Chairman and Executive Producer for Salmini Films. He has been documenting road racing on film from the early 1970s and has the largest library of participant sports videos in the world. Running (AKA: Finish Line), a 24 minute monthly production, reaches 16 million homes through partnership with the MSG Network, Fox Sports NY, and New England Sports Network. Marathons +, the official broadcast of the Association of International Marathons and Road Races, is a 52 minute monthly overview of highlights and news from around the road racing world. Fox Sports International broadcasts this series to 240 million potential viewers in Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. From their web site at you can search their Online Store where if you order three VHS or DVD titles at the same time you can get a fourth title free. The following running coverage has all been produced (and is currently available) through Salmini Films:

True Stories Network

The True Stories Network is a cable channel that is part of the Starz Encore Group and broadcasts real life drama 24 hours a day. There have been over 20 running movies shown in the past on the True Stories channel that currently have no airdates scheduled. Check for specific times in the future by searching for the title at Now on True Stories where you can also schedule the network to send you an e-mail reminder of the show that you want to see if airtimes are planned in the near future. Some of the movies have been:

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