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Elements of Gold

1985, 60-minutes, authority of the United States Olympic Committee and JJH Productions. Captures the determination, beauty, and courage of the dedicated athletes who were part of the most successful team in the history of the Olympics, those who participated in the 1984 Olympic Games. Released in both VHS and 16 mm format this movie was produced and directed by Gay Hennessy and Greg Bonann, written by Stephen J. Rivele, with music by Berington Van Campen.

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The Emmett Smith Story

1975, 35 minutes. This true story is about Emmett Smith who had a brain tumor and was told he would never run again. Within a year after having the tumor removed, this determined high school track coach is again able to run 20 miles. When Cindy Duncan becomes a student at his high school, Emmett challenges her to set a goal of leaving her wheelchair to walk to the podium to get her graduation diploma. This was filmed in Glendale, Arizona, where it happened with Douglas G. Johnson directing the cast led by Michael LaGuardia and Jane Milmore. The LDS Video Store offers this title for purchase on the Cipher In The Snow DVD with 4 other titles, including John Baker's Last Race.

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Voted #3 Best Film In the Heart of an Olympic Champion is the Courage to Endure
Rated G with a running time of 83-minutes this is one film you will not want to miss. Production was completed in 1998 and released in theaters in the United States on May 14, 1999. This movie then became available on video March 21, 2000 and distributed by Walt Disney Home Video/Buena Vista Home Entertainment. A true-life story of an Olympic hero, Haile Gebrselassie, and just how far he came in order to become the greatest Olympic long distance runner the world has ever seen. Raised under oppressive conditions in one of the world's poorest countries, the Ethiopian boy was born to run! When he wasn't laboring in his father's fields, young Haile would be running; the six miles to school and back, while doing chores or simply for pleasure at the end of a long, hard day. In an inspirationalEnlarge Cover Art and artfully crafted motion picture from heralded film maker Leslie Woodhead, the climactic moment comes as the unstoppable Haile chases down his lifelong dream in a stirring Movie of the Month, March 2003Gold Medal performance at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games! The Olympic competition footage was directed by Bud Greenspan, and these scenes are some of his best work, although they do not overshadow the opening running sequence which will inspire you to lace up your own shoes. John Powell composed the musical score. You may have to wait to find this video on an auction site, or get it used today from If you are interested in having this title released in DVD format, let Disney know by requesting the title from them. You may also want to read an article by Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times who has reviewed this film and the Motion Picture Soundtrack is has also been released with 16 songs from the film. Note: There are two other films with the same title, both are based on the Antarctica expeditions of Ernest Shackleton.

Endurance of the Spirit: The Two Worlds of Laurie Dexter

This 1991 documentary was broadcast as part of the "Man Alive" series in Canada. George Hargrave was the producer and director for this project while jazz musician Neil Smolar provided the score. Dexter is an experienced long distance runner, triathlete, polar adventurer, and Anglican Minister who has spent much of his professional life as a clergyman in the Canadian Arctic. He currently can be found as a speaker discussing topics of adventure and travel. At this time there is no known source for this 26 minute film program.

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Escape Exercise!

A Treadmill Running Experience
From Kahnfidence Associated productions comes this 1991 release with a run time of 60 minutes. This video utilizes the sights and sounds of long distance running to encourage you to use your treadmill as often as possible. Filmed on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii, the two hosts, Janine Foss and Laurel Brier, provide encouragement as you are led through your workout. William Kahn was the project producer and director and if you want to own a copy to freshen up your winter treadmill workouts then go to to place your order.

The Ethiopians

Under the watchful eye of Bud Greenspan comes this 1971 film that lasts 63 minutes. Marathon runners are a special sort of athlete. Even the most successful are rarely motivated by a desire for fame and wealth, but seem to have an almost mystical desire to transcend their own limitations. This documentary begins by discussing the first, fatal 26-mile-long run in ancient Greece, announcing the defeat at the battle of Marathon; the origin of all marathons. One highlight of the film is its use of early film footage of Olympic marathons from as far back as 1908. The second portion of the documentary highlights the careers of the Ethiopians who won three successive Olympic gold medals in the marathon run, the first in 1960, and focuses particularly on the triumphant career of Abebe Bikila.

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Evolution Running

Run Faster with Fewer Injuries
This 2005 instructional DVD is hosted by coach Ken Mierke with the assistance of Joe Friel. The focus is on improving running technique to maximize economy of effort, thereby reducing the likelihood of injuries while Movie of the Month, September 2006improving running performance. By implementing correct biomechanics into your stride you will use less energy and this program has a central focus is foot placement in relation to your center of mass. While there are comparisons to barefoot running African athletes, the expectation here is to take the lessons learned and put them into a shoe. Featured runners in this production include 17 year old Champion Steven Duplinsky, triathlete Justin Thomas, Kathy Coutinho, Margie Shapiro and Melissa Mierke. Running 45 minutes, and released by Endurance Films, you can purchase this DVD from To view a short trailer visit Endurance

Excerpts of Tokyo Games

Jim Simpson narrates this 1964 release that lasts 44-minutes. The United States Olympic Committee and NBC Sports team up to bring you the highlights of the 1964 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. Highlights of the competition include: men & women's' track and field, men and women's swimming, women's diving, men and women's gymnastics, rowing as well as opening and closing ceremonies.

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Explosive 400 Meter Dash Training

2001, 45-minutes. This VHS tape was once made available from Championship, however was discontinued when they began carrying DVD only format in June 2007. Rodney Price, Head Track & Field Coach at the University of Oklahoma, hosts this production. Watch demonstrations of weight room workouts, stadium workouts, and hill training along with sample workouts done in the early season, in the pre-competitive season, and in the racing season that will help your sprinters gain strength, improve mechanics, and improve form to compete at their highest level. Effectively used for both high school and junior high school programs to excel.

Explosive Sprint Drills

Enlarge Cover Art 1999, 30 minutes. Pat Henry has been a Division I head Track & Field Coach since 1987 at Texas A&M University. He has guided teams to 17 NCAA Championships and his success is a result of developing the full potential of each athlete, regardless of their current ability. Here you will see coach Henry share his drills for improving sprint technique. The drills will assist you as you work to develop your sprinter’s balance, flexibility, mechanics, mobility, strength, postural strength, power, and explosiveness. If you want to take your sprint group to a higher level of performance than this video may be just the right thing to guide you and motivate the athlete. This video is no longer being supplied from Championship as they discontinued offering VHS format tapes in the summer of 2007. Hopefully this production will be brought back in DVD format in the future.

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