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Documentary Films

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16 Days In September
16 Days of Glory
49 Up

Above the Clouds
Addict: Racing for Recovery, the Todd Crandell Story
America’s Heart & Soul
The Ancient Games
Animal Olympians
Animal Olympians II
Arabian Knight: The Story of Sad Aouita
Athens 2004 Olympic Games Official Highlights
Athletes Who Rock the World
Atlanta’s Olympic Glory

Behind the Record: Alan Webb’s High School Career
The Big Moment in Sports: Volume 1
Black Americans of Achievement Video Collection II: Jesse Owens
Black Olympians 1904-1984
Bud Greenspan’s Athens 2004: Stories of Olympic Glory
Bud Greenspan’s Favorite Stories of Olympic Glory

Chasing the Dream
Con Man

Dancing the Bear
The Dipsea Demon
Dying to Win

Endurance of the Spirit: The Two Worlds of Laurie Dexter
The Ethiopians

The Fastest Old Man in the World
Fire on The Track: The Steve Prefontaine Story
Fire on The Track: Collector’s Edition
The First Olympics- Athens 1896
The First Olympics
Fists of Freedom: The Story of the '68 Summer Games
Five Thousand Meters: Nothing Comes Easy
The Flashettes
For the Honor of Their Country
Four Minute Fever
The Fred Lebow Statue

Girls Sports: On the Right Track
The Golden Games: The History of the Modern Olympic Games 1896-2004
Golden Moments of the Olympic Games: Volume 1
Golden Moments of the Olympic Games: Volume 2
Golden Moments of the Olympic Games: Volume 3
Golden Moments of the Olympic Games: Volume 4
Golden Moments of the Olympic Games: Volume 5
The Grand Olympics
The Great American Foot Race
Greatest Moments of the Goodwill Games
Greatest Sports Legends: Jesse Owens
Green Flood

A Hard Road to Glory
The Harriers
Highlights of the 1988 Summer Olympics, Seoul
Hitler, Jesse Owens, and the 1936 Olympics

Inventing the All-American

Jesse Owens
The Journey of the African-American Athlete

Lady Warriors
Lasse Viren: Running is Your Life
Legends of Hayward Field

The Magnificent Seven
Marathon Challenge
Marathon I
Marathon Fever
The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei
Marathon Woman: Miki Gorman
Marathon: A History of the Great Race
Massanutten: Two Runners, 100 Miles
The Matchless Six
Mexcio 68
Montreal Olympiad

Naylor’s Run
Niambi: Sweet Melody

Oh Sport, You Are Brave!
Olympia - Olympia
Olympia: Part One- Festival of the People
Olympia: Part Two- Festival of Beauty
The Olympiad Series: The 1500 Meters
The Olympiad Series: The 800 Meters
The Olympiad Series: The African Runners
The Olympiad Series: An Olympic Symphony
The Olympiad Series: The Australians
The Olympiad Series: The Big Ones That Got Away
The Olympiad Series: The Decathlon
The Olympiad Series: The East Europeans
The Olympiad Series: The East Germans
The Olympiad Series: The Fastest Men in the World
The Olympiad Series: The Incredible Five
The Olympiad Series: Jesse Owens Returns to Berlin
The Olympiad Series: The Magnificent Ones
The Olympiad Series: The Marathon
The Olympiad Series:The Persistent Ones (1996)
The Olympiad Series: The Rare Ones
The Olympiad Series: The Soviet Athlete
The Olympiad Series: They Didn't Have a Chance
The Olympiad Series: Women Gold Medal Winners
Olympic Classics: 1928-1967
The Olympic Series
Olympic Spirit: The Medal Ceremony
Olympic Warrior: Donovan Bailey’s Story
Olympics: The First 90 Years
The Olympics Through Time: The History of the Olympic Games
The Olympics in Mexico
Olympics: The Eternal Torch
One Day in September

Quest for the Gold: Olympic Highlights

Race For Kenya
A Race for the Soul
Race of the Century: Ben Johnson, Drugs & the Quest for Gold
Racing Against the Clock
Reaching the Finish Line: Black Athletes and Civil Rights
Record of a Marathon Runner
Run for your Life
Run Like A Girl
Run Like Hell
Run Natasha Run
The Runner: Extreme UltraRunner David Horton
Runners High
Running for my Father
Running Madness
Running the Midnight Sun

Seoul ’88: 16 Days of Glory
A Shining Season
Soviet Athletes, Summer Olympians
Spirit of the Game
Steve Cram: Good for the First Mile
The Story of Eric Liddell
The Story of the Marathon
Stride to Glory
Stride to Glory: Volume 1
Stride to Glory: Volume 2
Stride to Glory: Volume 3
Stride to Glory: Volume 4
The Supermilers: The 4 Minute Barrier and Beyond
Sydney 2000: The Official Highlights of the Sydney Olympic Games

The Tarahumara
Thorpe’s Gold
Tokyo Olympiad
Trial & Triumph: New York City Marathon
Triathlon: Through the Eyes of the Elite
Twenty-Six Times in a Row

The Ultimate Challenge

Visions of Eight

What It Takes
Wilma Rudolph
The Wonders of Rome
World Championships 2001: Edmonton
World Championships 2003: Paris

Yiannis Kouros: Forever Running
Yukon Arctic Ultra 2005

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