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Dancing the Bear

A 100-Mile Journey of Personal Exploration
Movie of the Month, June 2007This 54 minute documentary features ultra trail runners competing in the Bear 100 trail run in southeast Idaho. There is the usual expected content with additional focus on being in harmony with nature and people reaching their full potential while pushing their limits of endurance. There were 51 starters in the 2004 event and a handful are featured as you watch them struggle to reach their goals. The music is soothing and often enhances the rich color of the changing landscape of the September trees. Released by Soul Focus Productions, this independent film was directed by Bill Bradbury and Chris Lott with a release in May 2007.Visit to order a DVD and visit Soul Focus Productions to view a quicktime trailer.

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Dangan Runner

AKA: Non-Stop
Originally released in 1996 in Japan (with English subtitles), the 2000 release from Shooting Gallery was delivered with the English title: Non-Stop. This action crime comedy takes 82 minutes to follow three men as they chase each other throughout the day in downtown Tokyo. The container describes this film by saying: "The clumsy bank robber’s got a gun. The rock star wannabe’s got a dagger. The Slick gangster’s got his reputation. And they’re all after each other in this adrenaline packed comedy of action and reaction." This film by Sabu uses many flashback and dream sequences as it follows the three people throughout the day and into the evening as they chase each other. An hour into the film they do all converge and just prior to their meeting Takeda recalls a conversation: "How we run is important. How we run and how it affects people. We all run towards something. Not only man but all living beings. Run, Takeda. Find your life!" Then at the climax of this film Takeda breaks the tension momentarily as he laughs out the following lines: "Running felt so good. I never ran like that before. Not full speed like that...I felt like I could do anything." Obtain your copy from if you want a VHS tape or an auction web site to pick up a DVD version. To read an additional review visit

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Deep Water Running

A Training Video for Runners and Coaches
1988, 40 minutes, Hosted by Glen McWaters, the inventor of the Wet Vest which made this activity possible and is featured in this video. Runner's World magazine labeled deep water running as one of the 25 best training tips of all times in their in their 25th annual edition. In this video Joan Benoit-Samuelson discusses how water running has improved her fitness level. Most of the under water images, and there are a lot of them, come from American miler Steve Scott who is featured on the cover and demonstrates outstanding form. Sprinter Willie Smith also shares a short endorsement of this program. With water running you can increase the intensity of a workout without increasing risk of injury as well as using this system to return from injury. Form and perceived exertion are illustrated before five categories of training are outlined: Easy, long sustained runs, fartlek, overstriding, and interval training. Next, sample workouts are provided for the competitive distance runner, once a day runner, and sprinter with both off season and race season specificity. The last ten minutes focuses on using this technique in rehabilitation and this is where McWaters tells his own story of returning to running after being shot in the leg during military combat. To learn more about this method you can visit Wet that works in association with where you will find many products and videos, however, not the video featured here as it is no longer available new. You will have to keep an eye on the auction sites to pick this one up.

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Der Sprinter

AKA: The Sprinter
Art House Video released this German film with English subtitles in 1984 which lasts 90-minutes. The story is about Wieland who is gay. His parents are not gay, and Wieland wishes to become more like his parents, so he decides to take up a sport (his father was a district Rounders champion), and becomes a sprinter. In the course of his training, Wieland becomes interested in a female shot putter, Brigitte. Director Christoph Böll shares writing credits with Wieland Samolak and Nicole Schürmann.

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Dernier Stade

AKA: Last Stage (USA), Zielgerade (Germany)
1994, 97 minutes, from France by director Christian Zerbib. This film tackles doping and the affects in the sport of running. The plot of this production is based on Birgit Dressel, a West German heptathlete who lived with her coach and received over 400 injections over the course of 16 months. In one season she climbed 30 places in world rankings, although she died two days after a competion in 1987 at the age of 26. This movie follows a female 800 meter specialist played by actress Anne Richard. Nothing is held back as the athlete, following an injury, will do anything to return to the height of her sport. The shady coach and doctor are willing to manipulate the body to cheat at any cost. The hard reality of these choices is shown without pulling any punches. This title is a rare find, although there are other titles that have also approached this subject including the 1988 film Finish Line as well as a 2004 release Race of the Century: Ben Johnson, Drugs & the Quest for Gold.

Desperate Dreams: The 1982 Western States 100-Mile Endurance Race

Produced by Maria Centrella, Daniel J. Blackburn, and Chris A. Centrella this 1982 release lasts 51 minutes and takes the viewer inside this ultra-marathon event. Released under the authority of Centre Burn Productions. The Western States Endurance Run web site has current information about this event as well as links to their most recent video, "A Race for the Soul".

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Destination: Marathon

Starting in 2004 you can order a VHS or DVD subscription and receive new footage every other month of some of the finest destination marathons. Your host, Nelsen Petersen, guides you through two events from your arrival in town, the race expos and pasta parties, through the finish line and beyond. You will obtain some handy travel tips, including great places to eat and helpful information specific to each location. If there is a unique charm or a "must see" sight while you are in town it will surely be covered. In addition, marathon legend Dick Beardsley hosts an informative segment on each tape called "Laces to Races with Dick Beardsley". If you want great marathon coverage, to be entertained, informed, and motivated to take your running on the road, then this yearly subscription is the answer for you. Visit Destination to learn more about this series or to place your order for the annual subscription of six episodes of this "video magazine". Upcoming episodes in 2004 are 60 minutes each and will be highlighting the following:
  • Jan/Feb: The San Antonio Marathon of the Americas & The Reggae Marathon (Negril, Jamaica)
  • Mar/Apr: The Myrtle Beach Marathon & The Napa Valley Marathon
  • May/Jun:The Yakima River Canyon Marathon & The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon
  • July/Aug: Prince of Wales Island (Craig, Alaska) & The Tangamanga Marathon (San Luis Potosi, Mexico)
  • Sept/Oct: Grandma's Marathon (Duluth, MN) & Grandfather Mountain Marathon (Boone, NC)
  • Nov/Dec: Highlights of 2004. Join Nelsen and Dick as they award the best pasta party, best course support, and much more before revealing the best overall "Destination Marathon of 2004". Also see ten episodes of "Laces to Races with Dick Beardsley" on this one tape.
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Destination Sportstown

The Ultimate Triathlon Video
This 1993 video was written, produced, and directed by David Jensen. Cherub Productions made this 78 minute videocassette that is hosted by Dave Scott. Scott uses his triathlon experience to brings together training tips, race coverage, and interviews with some top triathletes to introduce you to the three events of the triathlon.

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Developing A Strong Team Dynamic
In Track & Field And Cross Country

This 2007 release features Evelyn and Will Freeman from Grinnell College. Developing a Strong Team Dynamic reviews what factors constitute a healthy team dynamic and why such a dynamic is so important. Learn what steps the coach can undertake to create a desirable team dynamic and the positive role that team traditions play in the process. At the start of each of the eleven chapters there are main talking points that are referred to during the course of the discussion. Some of the topics that are covered include: What is a healthy team dynamic?, creating a mission statement, making all athletes feel a part of the team, discipline, challenge the athlete, have a functional training model, and the coach sets the tenor, and balancing sport with other areas of life. You may purchase this 52 minute DVD at

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Developing Championship 300/400M Hurdles

This is another instructional video from Championship Books and Video Productions. Released in 2001 with a run time of 39-minutes this video explores the aspects of the low hurdle event and how to maximize the athlete’s potential. All components of the intermediate hurdle event are discussed as Holloway breaks down the year, the season, and the training week to give specifics of his training philosophy. These are elements that can be applied right away to your coaching situation. Details are given for technical drills, stride pattern drills, conditioning exercises for the 300/400M hurdles, as well as putting the whole race together, including the mental aspect of this demanding race. Conditioning is emphasized in a variety of ways. Although Holloway is primarily in front of a white board during his presentation, this video ends with three different 400 hurdle races with finishing times between 49.8 to 50.5. Championship produced and distributed this VHS tape until they discontinued that format in June 2007.

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The Dipsea Demon

2004, 54 minutes. A documentary film by Drow Millar. This production is an insight into 96 year old Jack Kirk who is running the Dipsea race for the 68th consecutive time in 2003. Jack has won this race twice in the past and you obtain a unique perspective of this athlete from friends, fellow runners, and family members. Beyond the racing you will obtain a unique perspective on how Jack has lived for the past 60 years on a 400-acre homestead in the Sierra foothills were there is no home, electricity, or water. If you want a glimpse into one of the oldest races, and the people who make it special, than visit where you can watch a trailer of this film or place an order for this DVD which is also available at


1993 release by USA Track & Field. Directed by Lyle Knudson, this instructional video shows Track and field coaches L. Harter, T. Heinonen, and Dr. R. Vaughan discussing techniques for distance runners.

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The Distance of Truth

You run long enough...something’s bound to happen.
This 90 minute documentary film features Canadian Ferg Hawke as well as Scott Jurek, Dr. Ben Jones, Charlie Engle, Ray Zahab, Monica Scholz, Dean Karnazes, Marshal Ulrich, and Mike Sweeney as they experience the Badwater 135 ultramarathon race. Footage from both the 2005 and 2006 races are included as well as interviews, course profile, blister care, and finish line drama. An additional 120 minutes of extra special features are presented on this DVD which is setting the standard for capturing ultra running experiences. Visit the official website,, to learn more about this production by Pageturner Production film and executive producer Roger Hendrix.

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Distance Running Techniques

The Science of Coaching national lecture series from 1995 released this 60 minute video of Joe Rogers, head track and field coach for Ball State University, giving high school coaches advice on training for distance running events. Rogers is recognized as a master technician and has coaching experience at both the national and international levels of competition.

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Distance Training- The Michigan Way

Released in 2006 with a run time of 28 minutes. Here Coach Ron Warhurst of the University of Michigan presents a detailed overview of the program that he has used successfully to develop long-distance runners. Head Coach since 1974, Coach Warhurst and has led Michigan to seven conference titles and 13 individual championships. He is had led an impressive list of All-Americans in the last 10 years including Kevin Sullivan, Joh Mortimer, Todd Snyder, Mark Pilja, Alan Webb, Mike Wisniewski, Nate Brannen, and Nick Willis. This DVD provides a progressive and easy to understand presentation of the key aspects of distance training. Topics include running form, preseason training, practice drills, the "Michigan", hill training, timed runs, developing flexibility, and developmental drills. If you want to learn from over three decades worth of experience then visit to place your order.

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The Distances

The Great Performances Series
Over an hour of men’s and women’s races in the 800m, 1500m, 3000m, Steeplechase, and 5000m. As a real treat on this DVD you will see the men’s steeplechase world record set with the amazing time of 7:53.63 by Saïf Shaheen (Qatar) on September 3rd, 2004 in Brussels, Belgium. This DVD was released in 2006 and is currently out of print from who specialize in event specific flipbooks, sequence sheets, and posters. Hopefully there will be more great titles released that can help athletes examine the techniques of top athletes or be used as a psych-up tool for meet preparation.

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Do It Better: Running

1990, 36-minutes, ASICS Sports Video Collection. Distance runners Ingrid Kristiansen and Steve Scott show how to reach your running goals. These two fine runners interact with the camera in a ridged and uncomfortable manner. I'm glad they were able to relax during their big races to make them legends of our sport. The four main areas discussed are base building, winter training, mental training, and weight training. A common theme through each segment is "Have fun". ESPN Home Video marketed this video that was produced by Westcom Productions.

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Don Kardong's Marathon Survival Video

Olympic runner, writer, and coach, Don Kardong is the host of this 26 minute tape that was released in 2003 as part of a larger kit that includes a written Marathon Guide, t-shirt, drinks, gels, energy bars, lotion, Movie of the Month, December 2003sunscreen, and a pain reliever. Save the pain reliever for your long runs as this instructional video is a pleasure to watch as you will gain insight for surviving your marathon experience. All the essentials of survival are covered including training methods, equipment, nutrition and hydration, mental preparation, and many tips and tricks to make race day a success. Order your Marathon Survival KitTM, complete with this video, directly from Virtual Brands and as Don states, "You can do it. You will survive and you will finish and no matter how tired you are, you are going to love what that feels like".

A Dream as Big as Our Country

AKA: Life and Times of Terry Fox
1998, 44- minutes. This is a revealing biography of the life of the "Marathon of Hope" runner Terry Fox. Force 4 Entertainment released this title with the Terry Fox Foundation whose extensive website is in either English or French. Randall Carpenter provides narration and director John Ritchie shares production credits with Sharon Kehat.

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Dreams of Gold

Pacific Arts Video released this 60-minute video in 1983. Produced by Bruce Goronsky and directed by Laurence Grunberg. Two races are featured: the women's 100 meters where Evelyn Ashford breaks the world record with a 10.79 (wind reading at 0.56) and Edwin Moses in the 400 meter hurdles where he extends his winning streak to 88 consecutive victories. Additional running events are sprinkled in with other sports including the men's and women's high hurdles and 400 meter relay competitions.The back of the box displays the following description: "The American hopefuls competing at the National Sports Festival on the road to the Summer Olympic Games, uniquely captured on video and set to the original music of Ken Nordine. Ken Nordine has been reviewed as perhaps the greatest artist of our time in the crazy and bizarre world of television commercials. His amazing voice coupled with wonderful and dazzling visuals has for years sold you Levis® Jeans and countless other products. But Ken Nordine has a labor or love outside commercials, an electronic-age musical and verbal collage he calls "word jazz". He created the famous Word Jazz albums, a series of four records which allowed Ken to give his whimsy and imagination an open throttle. Ken appeared on an album with the sixties rock group H.P. Lovecraft, performing his own composition "Nothing´s Boy". His 1979 album titled Stare With Your Ears received a Grammy nomination. Now, Ken has been able to combine his awesome audio and video talents for the U.S. Olympic Committee and you, in this original music and video entertainment which you´ll enjoy any season, again and again. A portion of all artist and producer net royalty payments on each video sold go directly to the U.S. Olympic Committee." Note that other movies have been released with this title that are not related to running.
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Drills for Speed Thrills

A Modern Approach to Successful Sprinting
Wolverine offers this 1995 tape that is hosted by Willie Williams and lasts 30 minutes. Here you will taught be how to instruct your athletes by using the most effective, modernistic approach to successful sprinting. Learn to peak your athletes performance by using a variety of drills and techniques.

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Drills for Speed, Agility, and Quickness

This video demonstrates 64 drills gathered from the top minds in sport training to improve speed, agility, and quickness. Expert strength and conditioning coaches walk you through the drills and explain how you can integrate them into an individual or group sport training program. The drills have a practical application to a wide variety of sports. Athletes in football, basketball, soccer, track and field, and tennis will likely see direct performance results in working this program. Released in 2000, 45-minute run time, and available from Human

Dying to Be Perfect: The Ellen Hart Peña Story

1996, 96 minutes, rated PG, starring Crystal Bernard, Esai Morales, Casey Sander, and Tom Atkins. Olympic marathon hopeful Ellen Hart Peña faces the end of her career as she battles anorexia and bulimia. She tries to hide her eating disorder from her husband, Federico Peña, the mayor of Denver, who is constantly in the publics eye. When her condition gets worse, she reveals her secret to her husband and undergoes treatment. She is able to overcome her illness with the love and support of her family. Filming took place in Boulder Colorado primarily on the Walter Orr Roberts Trail and adjoining trails around the mesa. The highlight of her running was her 11th place finish in the 1984 Olympic marathon trials were she ran 2:35:04. In 1998, President Clinton named Ellen Hart Peña as a member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. She appeared on the January 2000 cover of Runner’s World and later that year filed for divorce, which was described as amicable, after 12 years of marriage. This drama was originally an ABC movie-of-the-week and has been broadcast on Lifetime for Women television. This movie was directed by Jan Egleson and has never been released on video for commercial sale.

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Dying to Win

AKA: Investigative Reports: Dying to Win
Created in 1998 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. for the A&E Network, this 44 minute production was made available for home viewing in 2001. Investigative Reporter Bill Kurtis takes a look at the sports of Track & Field, Swimming, and Cycling to examine how they have been effected by banned substances such as EPO, HGH (human growth hormone), testosterone, and anabolic steroids. Former sprinters who discuss their personal experiences include Diane Williams and Angela Issajenko. Other athletes are closely examine such as Merlene Ottey, Linford Christie, Dennis Mitchell, and Ben Johnson. Marathoner Frank Shorter shares his impressions on doping going as far back as the 1972 Olympic Games. Canadian sprint coach Charlie Francis talks about the training cycles and how athletes change through doping programs. Many doctors and IOC representatives discuss their perspectives to the controversies and special attention is spent to look at the systematic East German doping program that existed. Unfortunately, the chairman of the IOC Medical Commission, Prince Alexandre de Merode, states "No more doping is a dream, it’s impossible to stop." This VHS can be purchased at and a new DVD can be obtained at The A&E Store.

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Dysk Olympijski

2004, 43 minutes, VCD format using the Roxio Video Disk Player that is included on the disk. Here you view nine different Olympiads between Tokyo, 1964 and Sydney in 2000, featuring Polish athletes who have brought home the gold medal in their specific events. There is a wide range of action from wresting, sailing, volleyball, shooting, fencing, soccer, boxing, equestrian, pole vault, high jump, triple jump, hammer throw, and the 50K walk action of Robert Korzeniowski. Running events are featured by three performances: The 1964 women’s 4 x 100 meter relay team of Teresa Ciepla, Irena Kirszenstein, Halina Gócegka, and Ewa Klobukowska (who later became the first athlete to fail a sex test, striking their world record mark of 43.6) is shown from several angles and speeds with the focus on the last handoff and finish. The 1968 victory of Irena Szewinska (Kirszenstein) in the 200 meters is shown as she set a world record of 22.58. In 1976, Irena Szewinska competed in the 400 meter sprint and set a world record of 49.28. You will see her entire race on this disc, showing two of the seven races that resulted in medals for Szewinska over the course of her five Olympic games. She is the only athlete to hold world records at each the 100, 200, and 400 meter distances. The last running event is the 1980 Moscow steeplechase victory of Bronislaw Malinowski where it shows the last 200 meters as he pulls away for the win in 8:09.7. This disc was made by Good Summer in Poland and is narrated in Polish with no subtitles.

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