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This page will highlight the most recent additions to the alphabetical film listings. The most current entries will be on the top of the page and when more films are added they will fall off the bottom of this list.

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2008 Beijing Olympic Highlights

You may place your order now for the September 30th release of this NBC Sports highlights DVD. Unfortunately, this DVD will only be shipped within the United States and a credit card is needed to complete your purchase (PayPal is not accepted). You can be sure to see a host of events including swimming, beach volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, and of course track and field from the Bird’s Nest. Upon arrival, this entry will be updated with a listing of what specific events (count on the 100 meter, 200 meter, and Relay World Record), interviews, and extras that are selected for this DVD in addition to glimpses of both the opening and closing ceremony.

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Running for my Father

finishing is more than crossing the line
In this film, with a run time of 26:22, you will witness how film composer Cody Westheimer deals with the passing of his father to a brain tumor by training for and racing the Houston marathon in his honor. This story, revealed over the course of a year, shows his grief cycle as he copes with his emotion and discovers a new way forward through his running. Original composition and Paul Simon’s song "The Sound of Silence" are used as well as interviews with ultramarathoners Dean Karnazes and JB Benna. This movie will premier on September 4th, 2008 at 7:30 PM at the Ince Theater in Culver City, California. Learn more about this production at the official website, Running For My and watch for the ability to purchase a DVD version of this film in the coming months.

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Becoming a Champion Runner:
Competing with the Heart-Mind of a Warrior

Join Sport Psychologist Jerry Lynch in this 64 minute DVD as he provides the mental training tools needed to positively enhances your performance. Lynch explores common mental roadblocks that runners experience such as confidence in competition, the importance of desire in performing, how to take successful training runs into competition, how to stay mentally strong and positive during a race, the importance of establishing goals, overcoming fears, and mental strategies for focus and confidence in competition. You will obtain practical mental training solutions to help overcome each of the obstacles presented. You will also see a series of activities that reinforce the idea that positive thinking truly does impact an athlete’s performance and resolve to compete. This DVD was released in 2008 and can be ordered directly from Championship

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Somax Stride Analysis and Microfiber Reduction

This 30 minute presentation features Bob Prichard and starts with his analysis of Steve Spence and Wang Young-Chow in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Men’s marathon. The scientific method used takes specific look at stride angles, overstiding, bounce, and cross over to seek the most efficient use of energy. For example, it is noted that three inches of bounce creates one mile of vertical movement over the course of a marathon. Additional athletes, including Art Boileau of Canada, are examined before the last 19 minutes are used to show the effects of a microfiber reduction treatment with seven time Ironman finisher Jay Lehr. Jay is filmed over 400 meters, receives treatment, and then does another time trial to illustrate the results. The difference in range of motion is amazing and the stride angle opens from 60 degrees to 90 degrees creating improved performance. If you are trying to improve your running (also golf, swimming, and other sports) through efficiently then learn more about these methods by contacting Bob Prichard through his website at Somax The written information and testimonials by folks like Richard Benyo and Jeff Galloway are an added bonus that gave a new perspective to a variety of issues, such as downhill running technique.

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Run for Your Life

A Film by Judd Ehrlich
This film will make it’s world premeire at the Tribeca Film Festival in late April, 2008 and tells the story of Fischl Lebowitz, better known to the world as Fred Lebow. Fred migrated from Romania at the age of fourteen to the United States and later became obsessed with running, at the time a strange form of exercise practiced by very few New Yorkers. He organized events such as the Cherry Tree Marathon through the Bronx in 1969 and the Central Park Marathon, leading to the first-ever five-borough New York City Marathon in 1976. Through archival footage, news reports, photos, and new interviews with Lebow’s friends, family, and colleagues. Among the people who share their memories are marathoners Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter, and Greta Waitz, former mayor Ed Koch, parks commissioners Henry Stern and Gordon Davis, past presidents and board members of the New York Road Runners Club. Lebow was one of the all-time great New York characters, forever wearing a painter’s cap and sweatsuit, doing whatever was necessary to get himself and his sport to the next level. Learn more, including specific showtime information at the official movie website Fred Lebow

Hill Training- The Lydiard Way

Although the 2004 video only runs for 8 minutes, you have the opportunity to hear historic Coach Arthur Lydiard talk about his methods, theory, and technique on hill running. The dialogue comes a lecture and interview conducted in Osaka Japan in 1991. As Lydiard is explaining the technique the on screen images illustrate the proper application of the methods performed by three different runners. Three sections focus on specific running that include the following: Steep Hills, Bounding, and Hill Springing. These repetitions focus on low speed, swiftly applied, and specific movements to develop proper running form, position, and power. The result is increased strength and eliminating running errors. As Lydiard explains, you want to "be like a ballet dancer" as you perform this training. This production was produced by Nobby Hashizume and was once made available through his organization,

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The Long Green Line

50 Years of Coaching, Running for the 25th Title,
1000’s of Changed Young Men...One Long Green Line

This 90 minute film documents the York High School’s 2005 Cross Country season as the runners seek their record 25th state title in 50 years. You will meet legendary Coach Joe Newton as he works with 221 athletes on his team. It premiered in Chicago in April 2008 and also played at the Running Film Festival held in conjuction with the US Track and Field Olympic Trials. Learn more, sign up for the mailing list, and view a sample clip at You may order the DVD at this time that will be released on October 14th.

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Jack Daniels:
The Grassroots of Coaching Cross Country

This 47 minute DVD features Jack Daniels, Ph.D., currently with the Center for High Altitude Training and formerly the head track and cross-country coach State University of New York at Cortland (8 time NCAA Division III National Champions). Championship released this instructional gem in 2008 along with the Distance presentation shown below. You will see coach Daniels providing both the large perspectives as well as specific details needed to best meet the team needs in Cross Country. Coach Daniels shares his insight into a variety of aspects the affect the cross country runner including knowing the athletes’ background, goal setting (training and racing), developing training plans for each phase of the season, detailed workout needs (long runs, intervals, and threshold training), running stride, turnover rate, breathing patterns, and how to most effectively work as a team to perform at the highest level. Few people have been as influential in providing scientifically based methods to training and this is a unique opportunity to obtain a deeper understanding of how to apply these principals to your overall program.

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Jack Daniels: The Grassroots of Coaching
Middle Distance and Distance Runners

Based on his widely popular book, Daniels’ Running Formula, Coach Daniels presents a scientifically based approach that can be understood at all levels of development of middle distance and long distance runners. This is your opportunity to develop your grassroots technical and training strategies for coaching. A host of topics are presented including: evaluating the stride, breathing patterns, ground mechanics, fitness testing, developing workout routines (long runs, easy runs, and sprint workouts), injury prevention, and seasonal planning recommendations. The four distinct phases of training are examined with instruction on how to individualize the workouts to meet needs of each runners. These scientifically based workout specifics are easy to understand and implement into your program. When it comes to training plans, the discussion often begins "Lydiard or Daniels", and this is your chance to hear from one of the greatest minds in coaching today. 44 minutes and released in early 2008 by Championship Productions where you can visit and both place an order as well as watch a short clip.

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AQx Sports Aquatic Training

Intelligent Training: Just Add Water
You have seen the aids in floatation. You have seen the water training shoes. Now is the time to discover how to use these tools to their greatest potential. This DVD will show you how to get the most out of deep water running and shallow water exercises. You will discover proper range of motion and running mechanics while in the pool. Water running will help you improve strength, balance, agility, speed, and overall quickness. Whether you are using this method for cross training or rehabilitation from an injury, over 30 minutes of instruction will provide the right amount of intensity and proper form. This DVD was made in 2007 and can be ordered from AQX

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Con Man

The True Story of an Ivy League Impostor
This documentary by director Jesse Moss reveals the life of James Arthur Hogue, a gifted runner who twice posed as other people and was ultimately outed when competing for Princeton University. Raised in Kansas City, Kansas, by the 9th grade he would win almost every race. Jim set his high school mile record of 4:18.4 in 1977 and would attend the University of Wyoming on an athletic scholarship. For two years he legitimately competed and ran alongside athletes who had ran on the Kenyan Olympic team. Footage from the 1977 NCAA Cross Country Championships show Henry Rono (WSU) dominating the race that year. In 1979 he dropped out of college, only to assume a new identity and enter Palo Alto High School at the age of 26. Lasting a brief period, he won the prestigious Stanford Invitational cross country meet before his real identity was discovered. When actually 31, and leaving a Utah prison, he gained entry to Princeton University as a freshman, and ran for them for a two year period before being discovered and sent to prison for three years for fraud. A host of sources try to shed light on the real Jim Hogue including several coaches, teammates, classmates, his cellmate, law enforcement, and in the end the lead character himself tells his own impression of his past behavior. Keith Mark, his childhood friend and teammate, states "He was a runner, first and foremost, that was his identity. To be a distance runner you have to be a con man and a liar to yourself. You have to convince yourself that you’re not hurtin’ when you know you’re hurtin’ and you have to con yourself into running five more miles when you want to quit right now." See a full time line of this story at and you can order this 2002 film that was released on DVD in 2006, complete with many extras, at

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2007 NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s
Cross Country National Championship

Josh McDougal, from Liberty University, won the individual title by only 1 second with a finishing time of 29:22 making this 12-time All-American undefeated for the season. Galen Rupp finished second in leading the University of Oregon Ducks in winning their first men’s team title since 1977 (and fifth in school history). Stanford captured the women’s title for the third year in a row. This production was released in February 2008 by NCAA On Demand and can be purchased at

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