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Monthly Movie Give Away

December 2008

Thanks to everyone who has played the monthly contest for the last 4 ½ years. 66 videos were given away, sharing the joy and excitement of some of the greatest movies that feature running. (A special thanks to the directors and producers who were so willing to share their work for this contest).

Running Movies will be revealing a site redesign in January 2009, so the contest will be taking a vacation as the final touches are put into place.

Thanks again for all your support and enjoy the movies.

November 2008: The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat)

Congratulations to Tharon L. from Savannah, Georgia who was selected from the 14 submissions this month. He knew that The Fast Runner was filmed in Canada.

October 2008: Run For Your Life

There were 36 entries submitted to win this recently released DVD that features Fred Lebow and his remarkable achievements surrounding the New York City Marathon. Nick M. from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania answered the question correctly and will receive a copy of this film.

September 2008: Run Like A Girl

Seven entries were received this month and Cori A. from Milwaukee, Wisconsin had the correct answer. She knew that it took five years for Charlotte Lettis Richardson to complete her independent film.

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August 2008: The Runner

With the Olympic Games in Beijing, China this month, most attention was focused on the television coverage more than the movie theater. Only six people entered the contest and Shirley Y. from Bala, Pennsylvania knew that JB Benna was the director for both The Runner and UltraMarathon Man. Enjoy the movie, Shirley.

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July 2008: Fire on the Track: Collector’s Edition

This month the winner answered the question about who appears in the bonus material of this collector’s edition yet does not appear in the actual 58 minute presentation. The correct answer is Geoff Hollister and he makes an excellect contribution to the overall success of this widely popular film. The randomly selected winner from the 12 entries submitted this month is Bill L. from Tujunga, California.

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June 2008: A Race for the Soul

Sixteen people put their name in the hat this month and the random winner is Theron W. of Castle Rock, Colorado who knew that this film highlights the Western States 100 Ultramarathon. This 52 minute documentary features the 2001 race.

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May 2008: Race For Kenya

This DVD was recently released to the public and ships from the UK when purchased directly at, a site hosted by the film’s talented creator, Pat Butcher. Only seven entries were received this month and Arlene L. from Granada Hills, California was randomly selected as the winner. This is the first time that the random winner has been the first contest entrant. Enjoy this fine documentary.

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April 2008: Without Limits

This is the second month in a row where 19 entries were submitted. The random winner, Vickie M. from Collinsville, Mississippi, knew that Steve Prefontaine was born and raised in the small lumber town of Coos Bay, Oregon. By having the correct answer she wins Without Limits, the 1998 release by Warner Brothers that stars Billy Crudup, Donald Sutherland, and Monica Potter.

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March 2008: Indulgence

Although there were several entries this month from the Netherlands, it was Brian H. from Hollister, California who was randomly selected from the 19 entries received this month. He wins Indulgence: 1000 Miles Under the Colorado Sky by knowing that Anton "Tony" Krupicka was filmed running the trails in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah during the course of this film.

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February 2008: Middle and Long Distances &
                            Running Events

The winners this month were selected from a small pool of four entries. Up for grabs were films produced from Human Kinetics and two winners were chosen: Jean P. from Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania won Coaching by the Experts: Track And Field Running Events and Joe N. from Dallas, Texas Middle and Long Distances.

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January 2008: Spirit of the Marathon

Six people suggested titles this month that had yet to be added to the site and between them 15 new films were suggested: Run, Fat Boy, Run, Running the Sahara, Juno, Training for the 40 yard Dash, Marathon, The Jericho Mile, Building a Better Runner: Building from the Ground Up, Too Much of a Good Thing, Logan’s Run, The Running Queen, Queen of Sports, Judy’s Time, The Long Green Line, Born to Run: A Tale of Endurance, Volcanic Sprint. Many of the films are in production and entries for each of these films will be coming in the near future. With a roll of the dice, David J. from Winchester, Massachusetts was selected as the winner this month and he picked Spirit of the Marathon.

Films featured in 2007:

Cover Art Display 1988 NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track and Field National Championship
Breakthrough to Advance Performance: Building Confidence Everyday
Massanutten: Two Runners, 100 Miles
18 Again!
AQX Sports
Dancing the Bear
Run Like A Girl
Visions of Eight
Runners High
My Champion

Films featured in 2006:

Olympian Triumph
Forrest Gump
Treadmill Conditioning
The Terry Fox Story
Kicking Bird
Olympic Cowboy
The Runner: Extreme UltraRunner David Horton
Yukon Arctic Ultra
Guided Muscles Walking & Running
Across the Tracks
Runerval Series

Films featured in 2005:

Becoming a Champion Distance Runner: Advanced Techniques & Training
Cross Country: A Celebration of the Purest Form of Running
The Great American Foot Race
Great Olympic Confrontations
Highlights of the 1988 Summer Olympics, Seoul
Kicking Bird
The Pose Method of Running
Record Breakers of the Olympic Games
Run Like A Girl
Running Madness
Running with Joe Henderson
Without Limits

Films featured in 2004:

100 Years of Olympic Glory
Best of the Best Olympic Moments
Chariots of Fire
Go Wild! Fitness: All-Terrain Workout Northern California
Lady Warriors
Olympica: America's Gold. Volume One, Great Moments of Track and Field
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