CHS XC 2018 Camp

2018 Warrior XC Running Camp

Rocio, Kaitlin, Elyse, Lydia, Eryn, Lily, Riley, Megan, Deirdre, Christina
Aleen, Maya, Anna, Ellery, Talia, Zara, Kira, Ellie, Cate, Emmy, Mitchell
Bucky, Calvin, Zoe, Basil, Finn, Ian, David, Jack, Elliott, Miles, Jake
Finn, Joey, Lyle, Hakon, Cade, Milan, Adam, Jonas, Daniel

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Doing the Work

2018 Time Trial

Active, Amazing, Awesome, Beautiful, Birds, Bittersweet, Bliss, Breath, Community, Cool,
Entertaining,Enthralling, Epic, Exciting, Flowers, Friends, Fun, Games, Genuine,
Included, Incomparable, Indescribable, Lucky, Moving, Necessary, New, Peaceful, Quiet,
Refreshing, Rejuvenating, Relaxing, Short, Silly, Soothing, Team, Tranquil, Trees




Links to Additional Photos

Nearly 200 photos taken by Talia

Over 150 photos by Mark Wren

Over 20 photos shared by Jack

Camp Video

Thanks to Jack who put together this video from this year's Warrior XC Running Camp:

Thanks for coming to the 2018 Camp! Save the dates for next year: July 7-11, 2019

Go Warriors!