CHS XC 2017 Camp

2017 Warrior XC Running Camp

Thanks for coming to the 2017 Camp

Save the dates for next year: July 8-12, 2018

Aleen G.- Fastest Girls Time Trial
Anna S.- Best Winker
Bucky K.- Deer Whisperer
Christina S.- Best Secret Keeper
2017 Campers Daniel C.- Football Launcher
Deirdre R.- Evening Philosopher
Eli H.- Best Wax Figurine
Ellery T.- The Bookworm
Ellie B.- Food Winner
Emily S.- Lightning Rod
Finn K.- The Sheriff
Finn R-B.- Private Eye
Gabe K.- Speedy Relay
Glen S.- Most Mileage
Hakon R.- Frog Protector
Ian R.- Top Chef
Jack N.- Early Riser
Joe R.- Fastest Boys Time Trial
Jonas B.- Brightest Shoulders
Kira S.- Arrow Maker
Lyle A.- The Riddler
Maeve O.- Fast Hiker
Megan W.- The Card Queen
Mikaela C.- Best DJ
Miles T.- "Junior" Lifeguard
Molly L.- 4 Year Girl Camper
Nate B.- Fire Breather
Sophie B.- President
Spencer H.- Duke of Nottingham
Talia C.- Most Photos
Will T.- 4 Year Boy Camper
Zoe S.- Adventure Seeker
Enrique- GameMaster
Kellie- Most Traveled
Mark- Slowly by Slowly
Ashley- Lookout Leader

Photos (click to enlarge):

See over 200 camp images, and a few short videos. Thank you, Talia!





Slowly by Slowly
Consistency, Honor, Skill,
We are Warriors

Go Warriors!