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Warrior XC Running Camp

Each summer the team hosts the Warrior Running Camp for CHS XC team members. This is a great opportunity to develop team unity while having the chance to run and condition in a team building and supportive environment of the great outdoors.

Save the Date: July 12th-16th, 2020. Leaving Sunday at 1:00 and returning Thursday

Location: The Hydrangea Ranch, Tillamook, Oregon (the sixth year at this location)

Past Warrior XC Running Highlights

2019 Warrior XC Running Camp

Thanks to all the people who helped make this five-day camping experience possible for the 35 runners and five coaches: the PIL, Athletic Directors, Coaches, Parents, Team Captains, and many others who stepped up to help make this experience special for each athlete. A special thank you goes to Pat who owns the Hydrangea Ranch and allows us the opportunity to enjoy this very special place. The strong CHS XC community became stronger. Teamwork, understanding, and supporting one another were on everyone's mind this week. With more rain than past years, everyone made adjustments as needed to best enjoy the time together. Big day had lots of sunshine and many smiles when people reached the river after enjoying the beautiful views. The next day the team ran a mile each hour, collectively covering 312 miles, enough distance to travel from Tillamook to Ashland. Games, discussions, and decision making all were present between the running, eating, and team campfires.

Enjoy many photos taken by Coaches Mark HB or Mark W.

2018 Warrior XC Running Camp

41 runners and 5 coaches made this successful trip this summer. View some Camp Photos and enjoy a slideshow of the "time trial" from the last day at camp. Be sure to view additional photos that are linked at the bottom of the page from Talia, Mark, and Jack. This was the largest group in the last five years and camp went over well with cooperation, competition, and companionship at every turn. Of course, there was plenty of running for those who were able to put in the miles and lots of games and activities for those who needed a bit of down time between activities. Best of all, the group came together as a team and really had the opportunity to experience one another. There was opportunity for learning, sharing, reflecting, and getting to know oneself as well as the other teammates better.

2017 Warrior XC Running Camp

32 runners came to the Annual Warrior XC Running Camp where they had a great time running, hiking, playing at the beach & river, and at campfire each evening. Many new friendships were formed and all the people were really helpful as the team prepared all their own meals this year. Many thanks go out to assistant coaches Enrique and Kellie as well as our athletic trainer, Ashley, for supporting everyone at camp. In addition, thanks to the many families including Bamer, Replinger, Riley-Belew, Stone, Takiguchi, and Wren who provided needed supplies to help with our camp kitchen and food storage. See the 2017 XC Running Camp Page where you can meet the campers as well as link to over 200 photos. Thank you, Talia, for sharing your amazing photography with the team.

2016 Warrior XC Running Camp

Camp coaches Mark, Enrique, Kellie, Rich, Emma, Mark, and Jessica would like to thank the 35 runners (and their parents, too!) who made the 2016 Camp in Tillamook a great success. The team shared in many activities such as: Daily runs (each morning, and even at night), taking a hike to "the top of the world" where they saw parasailers launching into the sky, watching movies, running along the Wilson River, checking out the view from Cape Lookout, playing on the beach, enjoying cards and ultimate Frisbee, and gathering during campfire. Best of all they were able to meet new teammates and form new friendships. Coaches enjoyed working with the "Tantalizing Turtles", "Incredible Inchworms", and "Short Shorts" and they worked together on chores, raced one another the final day, and supported each other throughout the journey. Each day there were coaches and guests who shared their story about how athletics has influenced their life and lessons they have learned through sports, especially running. They recorded their mileage and the team covered 1253 miles on foot!

2015 Warrior XC Running Camp

Tillamook was a great time as the "Turquoise Tide," "Sneaky Sneakers," and "United Sparkle Sea Runners (USSR)" all participated in games, contests, relays, and a host of other activities. The 38 runners hiked on "Big Day," played at the beach, enjoyed campfires, ate meals together, and enjoyed a couple of movies. Most of all they shared time together and got to know one another better. Enjoy the team picture (click on it to enlarge the image). All the coaches want to thank the parents, students, and all the supporters who helped make camp such a success. Thank you and we hope you can join the team for camping again next year!
A huge thank you to Emma who produced this wonderful video that captures some of the adventures while staying at the Hydrangea Ranch in Tillamook.

Packing List:
Tent with rain flyRunning Clothes for 5 days         Toiletries & Towel
Sleeping BagExtra SocksSunscreen
Sleeping PadExtra Running ShoesRunning Watch
PillowRain GearDirty Clothing Bag
Water BottleWarm Camp ClothesHat & Sunglasses
Flashlight/Headlamp         BlanketLightweight Day Pack

Go Warriors!