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Coaching High School Track & Field: Hurdles

2006, 102 minutes. Join host Will Freeman in this comprehensive presentation on the essentials of training and coaching hurdlers. Specifically designed for the high school hurdler, you will be given extensive information needed to develop the young athlete. With the DVD format you can easily search to topics that include warm-up, acceleration, speed, endurance, start and acceleration cues, central nervous system drills, weight lifting, core strength; pillar, hurdle and medicine ball routines; as well as complete workout sessions for any time of the year. Many pointers, hints, and tips are discussed as almost all aspects to hurdling are discussed in this complete instructional production. View a 32 second sample clip of a lead leg skipping drill, as well as place an order to own this DVD, at Championship

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Coaching High School Track & Field: Sprints & Relays

Here is an instructional DVD that has the potential of developing your sprinters to a whole new level. Head Track & Field coach, Will Freeman, from Grinnell College (former Chairman of Coaching Education at USA Track & Field) will guide you through all you need to know to train the high school athlete. A host of topics are covered including: Multi-sport athletes, training with a purpose, making training both fun and challenging, and identifying sprint talent. A "Training Inventory" is outlined that details the necessary components for sprint development. After discussing basic drills, routines, strengthening methods and exercises, Freeman outlines specific plans for each phase of the season including detailed day to day workouts. In the relay section you will see the order of each runner, lane and marker placement, and exchange methods are all reviewed. This 135 minute instructional DVD was released in 2006 and is part of the Championship Coaching Academy: Coaching High School Track & Field series. You can order it directly from Championship where you can view a 26 second sample clip about starting from the blocks.

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Coaching Hurdlers: Planning Guide for Success

Coach Winckler, University of Illinois Women’s Track Coach, applies his expertise to the hurdle events in this 58 minute DVD. This program starts by identifying training tasks, objectives, and identifying athletes. The training year is broken down into three phases: 4-8 weeks of general conditioning (fitness, strength, and endurance), 2-4 weeks of specific training (technique, speed, and technical activities), and the competition phase completing the season with peak performances. Each training session includes five segments: Warm-up, technical aspects, power, strength and cool down. Coach Winckler descibes the weekly training period and details each day of the week and the activities that need to be performed each day. The drills and exercises are all demonstrated by athletes to show how each is properly performed. Order this 2007 release from

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Coaching Speed

1998, 33-minutes, Produced and Directed by Doug Fink, narrated by Dan Simeone, and hosted by David Anderson. This video is the answer to those who have wondered if there is a way to improve an Movie of the Month, August 2003athlete’s speed. The video not only provides coaches with drills and techniques that are proven to develop their athlete's speed, but it also shows the science behind the drills and explains why they are effective. Coaches are introduced to the five components that determine an athlete's speed: quickness and starting ability, acceleration, speed endurance, stride length, and stride rate. This video shows how to assess these components of speed in athletes and how to analyze running form. Coaches will also learn how to implement the specific speed training into an overall training program. Human offers this video for sale (also in PAL format).

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Coaching Sprinters: Planning Guide for Success

This 2007 release runs for 65 minutes and features Florida State University Assistant Coach Ken Harnden. The program begins with the pre-competitive phase which lasts for the first six weeks and focuses on general conditioning which includes hills, cardiovascular development, and plyometrics. Specifics are given for each week with a day-by-day explanation of specific drills and exercises. The second phase of pre-competitive work is based on weight training, sprint technique, and speed development. The competitive period starts in January and the Championship cycle is the outdoor season broken down into two phases. Harnden also presents his philosophy on how weight training can enhance strength and is an important component for training the complete athlete. He includes a comprehensive movement warm-up plan that is broken down into four parts, illustrates sprint drills to improve technique, cool down activities, as well as the use of goal setting. Order this DVD directly from to take your sprint group to a higher level of performance.

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This silent black and white film was originally released in 1927 and has both VHS (60 minutes) and DVD (132 minutes, released 1999) formats available. It stars Buster Keaton, Anne Cornwall, and Harold Goodwin. Buster Keaton plays a college student who, in hopes of winning the affections of the most popular girl in school, tries out for every school sport. Keaton performs his own stunts in College, except for the pole-vaulting bit, which was accomplished by Olympic champ Lee Barnes. Released by Video Images and Video Yesteryear, this Hollywood Classic can be found at A review has been written by John Nesbit from

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Come to 100m Dash Practice

with Mike Holloway
Men's sprint coach at the University of Florida, Mike Holloway, hosts this 30 minute instructional video. Holloway turned the program into the top collegiate sprint program in America since he took over the reins of the sprinters in 1995. Amazingly, Holloway has coached an All-American in every sprint and hurdle event leading to two national titles and a school record 42 points by themselves. Florida alumni, Dennis Mitchell, worked under Holloway's direction when he captured the 100 meter title at the 1992 and 1996 United States Olympic Trials. In this video you will learn details of running mechanics, drills, block placement, starting and finish techniques, and phases of the short dash. is where you need to go to buy your own copy of this production that was made by Everything Track & Field.

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Come to 200m Practice

with Bill Carson
Bill Carson, head men's coach at East Carolina University, hosts this 28 minute instructional video. During over 30 years of coaching the Pirate's track program Carson has coached athletes to 44 All-American honors. He was awarded the 1998 NCAA District III coach of the year and earned head coaching duties for the East team at the 1993 Olympic Festival. This video includes discussions of starts, the "drive" and acceleration phases, curve running, and "rotary sprinting". sells this video to aid your sprinting program.

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Come to 400m Practice

with Bill Carson is the place to go for this 31 minute instructional video that was produced by Everything Track & Field. Bill Carson, head men's coach at East Carolina University, leads you through each aspect of the 400 meter race including theory, overall plan, and various drills that would improve the athlete’s performance. Each 100 meter interval is broken down for clarification as well as the training concept of "rotary sprinting" is discussed.

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Come to 4 x 100m Relay Practice

with Wayne Clark
This 30 minute instructional video can be purchased new at Here you will see coach Wayne Clark breaking down the 4 x 100 in simple terms. From teaching how to pass the stick, offering drills and progressions, as well as advice on which leg to run each of your athletes, you will feel better prepared to guide your short relay squad after watching this video. Clark has been the head track coach at Zanesville High School for 23 years and has also served as the director of the Ohio Clinic for over a decade.

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Come to High Hurdle Practice

with Mike Holloway
In this 28 minute instructional tape you will learn Coach Holloway's hurdling theories, block placement, starting, lead and trail leg drills, positions on and after the hurdles plus sprint training theory. Mike Holloway has been coaching since 1983 and became the men’s sprint and hurdles coach at the University of Florida in 1995. Becoming head coach in 2002, Holloway has shown his effectiveness by guiding hurdlers Rickey Harris and Stephen Jones to various individual championships. Order your video from Everything Track &

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Come to Intermediate Hurdle Practice

with Mike Mulqueen
Here Rutgers University head coach Mike Mulqueen leads you through 31 minutes of instruction for the long sprint hurdle event. He competed in this event himself at Manhattan College in the early '70s and has since been leading the Scarlet Knights as head coach for over two decades now. From the start, approach to first hurdle and how to make steps in between are all outlined. Special comments are also made about coaching advanced intermediate hurdlers. is where you need to visit if this is a video you want to add to your own coaching "tool box".

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Come to Relay Practice

with Rob Johnson
32 minutes. Rob Johnson has served as head coach at Wabash College for nearly thirty years and after being an assistant coach during the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia he continues to make his mark. His relay clinics have been well known since being delivered to the US Track & Field Coaches Association in 1994 as well as during the Atlanta convention prior to the 1996 Olympic Games. You will see how to "get the stick around the track" in the 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 events as all facets are covered as well as critiques of advanced athletes. Your source for this title has been from Everything Track & Field in the past.

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Come to Women’s 100m Hurdle Practice

with Amy Deem sells this video that contains 30 minutes of hurdle instruction. Amy Deem, head women’s coach at the University of Miami guides the young hurdlers through the start, hurdle clearance, technique between hurdles, and drills to fine tune performance. In addition, she analyzes a college hurdle race to illustrate her main points. Coach Deem has been with the Hurricanes for 14 years and has worked with six individual National Champions including Yolanda McCray and Gillian Russell.

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Con Man

The True Story of an Ivy League Impostor
This documentary by director Jesse Moss reveals the life of James Arthur Hogue, a gifted runner who twice posed as other people and was ultimately outed when competing for Princeton University. Raised in Kansas City, Kansas, by the 9th grade he would win almost every race. Jim set his high school mile record of 4:18.4 in 1977 and would attend the University of Wyoming on an athletic scholarship. For two years he legitimately competed and ran alongside athletes who had ran on the Kenyan Olympic team. Footage from the 1977 NCAA Cross Country Championships show Henry Rono (WSU) dominating the race that year. In 1979 he dropped out of college, only to assume a new identity and enter Palo Alto High School at the age of 26. Lasting a brief period, he won the prestigious Stanford Invitational cross country meet before his real identity was discovered. When actually 31, and leaving a Utah prison, he gained entry to Princeton University as a freshman, and ran for them for a two year period before being discovered and sent to prison for three years for fraud. A host of sources try to shed light on the real Jim Hogue including several coaches, teammates, classmates, his cellmate, law enforcement, and in the end the lead character himself tells his own impression of his past behavior. Keith Mark, his childhood friend and teammate, states "He was a runner, first and foremost, that was his identity. To be a distance runner you have to be a con man and a liar to yourself. You have to convince yourself that you’re not hurtin’ when you know you’re hurtin’ and you have to con yourself into running five more miles when you want to quit right now." See a full time line of this story at and you can order this 2002 film that was released on DVD in 2006, complete with many extras, at

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Conditioning for Sprinters

Ralph White of Williams College is your instructor in this 2002 release that is 68 minutes long. Many training aspects are reviewed including: Running drills, hurdle drills, abdominal work, weight training, plyometric training, swimming pool exercises, circuit training, and more. No matter what level of competition you are facing you may obtain an advantage of knowledge by watching this instructional tape that is available from Coaches

Order from The Kentucky Network

A Conversation with Carl Lewis

One More Victory Lap: My Personal Diary of an Olympic Year
1998, 56-minutes. Interviewer Frank Deford (Newsweek columnist and NPR commentator) discusses with Carl Lewis, winner of nine Olympic gold medals, his book One More Victory Lap, written in collaboration with Jeffrey Marx. This is part of the Kentucky Author Forum and was recorded on February 11th, 1998. The Kentucky Network has copies available for purchase.

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Cool Runnings

1993, PG, 98 minutes, distributed by Walt Disney home video. Cool Runnings opens with a sprinter racing down a field in preparation for the Olympic track & field trials in Jamaica. He continues to run for the first two minutes of this film as the credits roll. During the 100 meter race at the trials he and another athlete are tripped as a competitor falls, dashing all their hopes to compete in the Olympics for their country. Later, this unexpected group joins together, shifting their dreams to compete in the 1988 winter games in Calgary in the bobsled event with the help of an ex-champion coach (John Candy). Based on a true story, this feel good comedy is still a hit today as these outsiders strive to be their best. You can order this in DVD wide screen or VHS format from

Coping with Life: On the Run

This is Dr. George Sheehan's first film that he was involved with. Coming out in 1977, just two years after Dr. Sheehan on Running is published, this 16mm film lasts for 27 minutes and relates how the desire for fitness, which leads people to run, becomes a new lifestyle rather than just an exercise. Dr. Sheehan shares his philosophy on how play is an attitude rather than a specific activity, and how we need play to help cope with life's problems. This film was so good that it was used for many years during his speeches, even when the look had been outdated, and the content has never lost it's effectiveness. This film was originally produced in cooperation with the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and a VHS release was later made by NVC Productions, although it is rare to find.

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Core Strength for Middle Distance & Distance Runners

Villanova Head Track & Field and Head Men’s Cross Country Coach Marcus O’Sullivan hosts this 30 minute DVD to improve the strength of the middle and long distance runner. O’Sullivan had a 15 year running career as both an Olympian and World Champion. Since that time his knowledge of strength needed for successful competition has been shared through his coaching and speaking. Two professional runners, one man and one women, demonstrate the skills and drills that make up Villanova’s core program. Core strength is necessary in order to establish and maintain posture, line, and balance that is critical for a runner at any level. Working all areas from the knees to the armpits, you will see the routine in a step by step fashion that is easy to understand and duplicate. In the first phase there is a lot of floor work to strengthen the front and side areas of the core, including the hamstrings and glutes. The next progression integrates the medicine ball into the routine. By working with a partner in this way you will improve the lower and middle core as well as assisting in the development of rotational strength and explosive power. Coach O’Sullivan offers many tips and precise guidance on how to do each move in a correct and safe manner. If you want to see this film visit Championship to place your order and then prepare to work yourself to a new level of stability and running performance.

Creative Training Games and Tactics

Here sports pychologist and sociologist Eric Anderson, who has coached at every level of competition, shares creative methods in preparing workouts. This video provides you with many ideas so that each run can provide something fresh, exciting, and entertaining. It will encourage you as a coach to think outside traditional workouts by offering simple suggestions and training games that will enable you to lead a quality workout that is also enjoyable. By reducing the repitition that can lead to boredom and burnout, this may contain the types of workouts that can reinvigorate your program. In additon, a variety of racing tactics are examined which gives specific plans that runners can implement during races. This 33 minute presentation was released by Championship Productions in 2003 and is no longer being made available since they discontinued VHS versions of their productions in 2007.

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Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Race

2003, 28 minutes, available in DVD and VHS from For 31 years, visitors from around the world have been drawn to the springtime beauty of the Washington, D.C. area, not just for the cherry blossoms in full bloom, but also to test themselves in this road race. In this years presentation you will see John Korir of Kenya as well as Olga Romanova of Russia compete for titles. This video features race highlights, some historical moments, inspirational stories, and an interview with Bill Rodgers. The women's world mark of 51:16 was set by Colleen de Reuck and the men's U.S. record was set by Greg Meyer, running 46:13, on this course. This event also serves as a fundraising platform for the Children’s Miracle Network. To learn more about this race visit Cherry

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Cross Country

A Celebration of the Purest Form of Running
Movie of the Month, October 2005This Salmini Films release runs for 82 minutes and shows the best of high school and collegiate cross-country events from the past 15 years. Set to music and with commentary, you will see outstanding runners competing over a variety of terrain and weather conditions. This film can be useful training aid to motivate and inspire your team to reach their highest potential. After watching this production you may never look at your next workout or race (be it on grass, gravel or trail) in the same way as you seek to achieve your own greatness by pushing yourself beyond your own expectations. Get your copy in either DVD or VHS format directly from

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Cross Country and Distance Training

With a run time of 83 minutes you will get instruction on types of training runs, plyometrics, weight training, running efficiency, drill schedule, setting up a program, pre-season running, summer training, sample workouts, indoor season, hill running, the race plan and more. This video will benefit coaches and athletes of all competition levels. Jack Warner of Ohio State University guides you each step of the way and this 2002 release is currently available to purchase at

Cross Country High

You may remember this 1975 16 mm film from physical education class in high school. This 14-minute release by Barr Films is not one to see right before the big race as Eddie dreams of winning the Junior Olympics cross-country meet at his elementary school, but Eddie has problems. Overshadowed by his peers and feeling rejected at home, he is easily influenced by older boys who challenge him to try a bottle of wine. Believing that alcohol can solve all his problems, Eddie depends more and more on the liquor. On the day of the big race, he is too out of condition to face the challenge, falls farther and farther behind, and is finally forced out with cramps.

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Cross Country Intangibles for Success

Released by in November 2007, this 48 minute DVD takes a 12-month approach to coaching athletes. Distance Coach Pat Tyson (Past twelve time Team Champions at Mead High School in Washington and now currently with the University of Kentucky) presents five principles of coaching that make up this program: Moderation, Progression, Variation, Adaptability, and "Callousing" your body. Tyson covers a range of aspects including warm-up exercises, race strategy, sprint/float drill, elite workouts (consisting of the 30/40 drill, the 10 mile control run, the thrashing drill and the 2-1-30 drill). Coach Tyson concludes with various attributes of a champion runner such as keeping a journal, communicating with your coach, listening to your body, using common sense, and moderation in everything you do.

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Cross Country Form & Tactics

Hosted by 2-time National Coach of the Year Jeff Arbogast, you will learn everything from the basics of form to advanced individual tactics for success in cross country racing. This video will guide you through all the basics of good cross country running as you learn proper upper body mechanics, lower body movements, tips on successful drafting and passing, how to complete a breakaway surge, running powerful hills, and much more. There is sure to be lessons learned by any athlete or coach who takes the time to study this tape. Visit to place your order and take your running to a new level.

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Cross Country Training:
A 3-Phase System for Peak Performance

Whether you are just starting out as a cross country coach, or an experienced coach seeking new training concepts, this video offers something for all levels and stages of cross country coaching, focusing on the high school level. Doug Brown is the host as he dissects the training programs he has used successfully as a coach into a pyramid of three training phases: the Base Phase, the Interval Phase, and the Speed Phase. This video is full of excellent training tips and expert advice. This comprehensive video also includes the workouts Brown recommends for each phase. This 45-minute tape was released in 1999 and was discontinued by Championship in 2007 when they went to DVD only production.

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