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The Campus Flirt

Written by Lloyd Corrigan and Louise Long and directed by Clarence G. Badger, this silent black and white romantic comedy was released in 1926. Charles Paddock plays himself and takes advantage of his notoriety following his gold medal performances in the 100 meters and 4x100 meter relay in the 1920 Antwerp Olympics and his 200 meter silver place finish in the 200 meters following another gold medal sprint relay in the 1924 Paris Olympics. Paddock was noted for his unusual finishing style of leaping at the tape and was the first man to break 21 seconds in the 200 meters.

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Challege the Wind

Matt is sent to live with grandparents he has never known in a sleepy farm town in Arkansas after his father dies in Vietnam. He must confront his own emotions as he tries to fit into the new town. With the help of his grandfather, Matt finds that he can develop his special gift of running to challenge the school’s best athlete. In the end, obstacles are overcome and the lessons are profound as he takes the concept of "Run every race like it’s your last race" far beyond the athletic field. This 90 minute DVD was released in 2005 from this original 1990 dramatic feature film starring James Collins, Katy Dickson, Jack Shamblin, Leigh Smith, and Norma Smith with direction from Bill Blackburn.

Champions Never Quit

This 1973 biographical production lasts 77-minutes and tells the story of Glenn Cunningham, who was badly burned at age 7 and was not expected to walk again. He overcame the odds and was the fastest American miler during the 1930’s setting a world record in 1934 of 4:06.8 that stood for three years. In the 1936 Olympic 1500 meter race Cunningham finished second and two weeks later set a 800 meter world record of 1:49.7. The first 10-minutes of this film was released under the title "Dream Big".

Champions of American Sport

Jesse Owens and Babe Didrickson are just two of the athletes featured in this 1981, 28-minute VHS tape that was previously released as a 16 mm movie. Red Smith narrates this film as viewers are introduced to some of America's great athletes through interviews and action footage. Surprisingly, Philip Morris Inc. teamed with Dick Young Productions to make this film possible.

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Championship Form Video Library

This 11 tape instructional series includes three tapes on running: Distance (800 M to Marathon), Hurdles, and Sprints. Created by a 70 member team of scientists and film makers, led by Dr. Peter Susanka and Dr. Pataki, Movie of the Month, August 2006this 1989 release uses footage from the first world championships in Helsinki. These tapes use many graphs, very specific measurements, and discuss each aspect of performance in detail that can be found in few other instructional presentations. The European Athletic Association was involved in this production that can be ordered at

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Chariots of Fire

This is a story of two men who run...not to run...but to prove something to the world. They will sacrifice anything to achieve their goals...Except their honor.
1981, 123 minutes, Rated PG, Drama, Book by W. J. Weatherby of the same title, VHS and DVD format, 1981 Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Costume Design, and Best Original Score. 1982 Golden Globe Awards: Best Foreign Film. Director Hugh Hudson's absorbing drama, based on a true story, deals with the personal struggles faced by two very different runners competing for Britain in the 1924 Paris Olympic Games. Eric Liddell (Ian Charleson) is a devout Christian who sees victory as a testament to the glory of God, while the other, Harold Abrahams (Ben Cross), is a Jewish Cambridge student who sees victory as a challenge to anti-Semitism and his ongoing struggle for acceptance by Britain's elite. Eric, a hometown Scottish hero to the people, gives rousing sermons after victory and works at a local missionary. Harold runs with a zealous commitment, upsetting Cambridge's educational upper crust (played with enjoyable wit and candor by Sir John Gielgud andView 6 Different Images Lindsay Anderson) while enjoying social life with his university chums and his beautiful showgirl girlfriend (Alice Krige). But when faced with such a competent challenger, Harold hires trainer Sam Mussabini (Ian Holm) to further his dreams of winning the gold. Ultimately, the two runners meet in Paris to run for British victory in a rousing finale. Featuring an unforgettable soundtrack by Vangelis, this film is an inspirational story of athletic excellence and spiritual awakening that captures the zeal of post-WWI Britain and the glory of the Olympics. Two items of note concerning the truth to this tale: Abrahams did not run around the Great Court at Trinity College and Liddell knew about his Sunday heats almost a year in advance. This movie can be obtained new from in Two-Disc Special Edition (Widescreen), VHS, and DVD fullscreen format. Frank Deford wrote a review for the September 28, 1981 issue of Sports Illustrated. This was the only running movie to break into Sports Illustrated's Top 20 Sports Movies, printed in their February 6, 2001 issue. If you still want to read more opinions about this film see a complete list of reviews.You can visit the Cover Art Page to see six different images that have been used to represent this motion picture in the past and the Motion Picture Soundtrack is also available in a variety of formats.

Chasing the Dream

This 1994 production last 47 minutes and is similar to The Supermilers: The 4 Minute Barrier and Beyond in that it outlines the careers of the men who have brought the World Record in the mile under four minutes from Roger Bannister in 1954 to Nourredine Morceli in 1993. Three to four minutes are spent talking to each man and a portion of their World Record performance is shown. Some of the athletes describe their race that day, others focus on their training, personal influences, or Olympic dreams. Clearly, by achieving their goals of lowering the mile mark, the event was profound. As John Walker states, "That night changed my life". The narrator for this video was John Hurt, Neil Duncanson was the executive producer, Patrick Collins did the writing, and Steve Hitchcock provided the musical score.

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Chicago Marathon Highlights DVD

Official LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon Highlights DVD, October 10, 2004
This is not just a highlights video, it’s more like a three-in-one DVD that features some of the world’s best athletes. For starters you will see a 14 minute highlights video that is put to music. You will see events leading up to the race start, aerial shots of thousands of runners streaming down the street, the lead packs, and people celebrating at the finish. Next is the Channel 2, CBS television broadcast that spans an hour and a half (and no commercials are included on this disc). Join Olympian Todd Williams in the men’s lead car and 1992 winner Linda Somers-Smith as she reports on the women’s race. There are athlete profiles, interviews, marathon trivia, past victory highlights, and on screen splits and intervals. Special commentary is provided by Joan Benoit Samuelson in addition to the main trio of CBS broadcasters. If you are considering running this event yourself you may be particularly interested in the ten minute course video that is also included. You will follow the course while the tenths of miles are shown on the screen with a course map superimposed each mile. There is also a screen that shows the top ten male and female finishers with their times with Evans Rutto taking the men’s race in 2:06:16 (Khannouchi was 5th this year) and Constantina Tomescu-Dita winning in 2:23:45 for the women. Order your copy from Go Action and if you participated in this race there is also a personalized version available that shows you crossing several spots along the way.

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Chiefs & Champions: Tom Longboat

Runner Tom Longboat is one of the most celebrated athletes in Canadian history and a member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. His running career began in the early 1900’s and then in 1907 he won the Boston Marathon against 104 other athletes in the harsh conditions of rain, slush, and hills. He went on to become the world’s best distance runner in 1909, after he raced against Englishman Alfie Shrubb. During World War I, as a dispatch runner, he carried messages and orders between units, although was never awarded a military pension. His legacy lives on through the prestigious Tom Longboat Award, presented every year to the top Aboriginal athlete. This 2004 film runs for 24 minutes and is part of a series (it can also be ordered individually) from and take note that the price is reflective of this program being used in a school or other institutional setting for educational purposes.

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Children of Heaven

AKA: Bacheha-Ye aseman (Persian Title)
Miramax Films released this 1999 film in the theater on January 22, 1999, then Buena Vista Home Entertainment released the VHS format on September 14, 1999, and the DVD version was issued September 3, 2002. Running 89-minutes and rated PG, this film was a 1999 Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film, an honor it won in the 1998 Newport International Film Festival. When Ali loses his sister Zahra's school shoes this young pair dream up a plan to stay out of trouble: they'll share his shoes and keep it a secret from their parents! Ali and sister go through many crazy antics involving running through the streets of Tehran so that they can both wear the same shoes to school. Ultimately, the boy convinces his schools physical education teacher that he should represent the school in a regional road race... his goal is not to win the race rather the second prize of a pair of running shoes. Majid Majidi wrote and directed this Iranian film that is released in the Farsi language with English Subtitles. offers this video for sale in either VHS or DVD format. Read the review by Roger Ebert who gave this film four stars or view all of the reviews at this link. Another Iranian film in this collection is The Runner, written and directed by Amir Naderi.

Children Running: Fun!

Produced in 1993 with a run time of 28 minutes. Don Kardong hosts this video that features examples of successful children’s running programs (Junior Carlsbad Run, Fiesta Kids Run, Halloween Young Run, and various elementary and middle schools) that can be used as models in the development of similar programs . This video is a great guide for teachers, coaches, or programs that are wanting to motivate children to move their bodies for both fun and fitness. Nearly two dozen tips are presented from race directors, principals, and athletes such as Steve Scott, Arturo Bario, Polly Plumer, and Ed Eyestone. So whether you are planning a fun run or fund raiser, by watching this video the participants may have a new sense of their personal accomplishment.

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A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury Free Running
This 56 minute instructional video was released in April 2004 and hosted by long time ultramarathoner Danny Dreyer. Nearly two dozen athletes are used to illustrate the methods that will move your focus onto the core muscles while relaxing the rest of the body to run more effortlessly and efficiently. Although you can get a VHS Movie of the Month, March 2005tape I would highly recommend the DVD as the menu allows easy navigation from the lessons, drills & exercises, body looseners, and additional features. There are five lessons during the first 20 minutes that get you up and running. The steps are broken down with clear explanations and reviewed at the end of each segment. The four drills and exercises are helpful additions to this program and the discussion of cadence and stride length are described in a very useful manner. Eight body looseners are illustrated and are used in place of stretching. The music is soothing throughout and a section on Danny and his clients provides a variety of perspectives on how people have found his instruction useful to them. More information can be found at the official web site,, including ordering information for the video as well as the ChiRunning book that covers this technique and also additional information on race preparation, diet, injury prevention, and lifestyle.

Clash of the Titans

1997. Although you will see some common footage from Sebastian Coe: Born to Run and The Olympians, this 39 minute video still gives you extensive coverage of Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett. Commentary is provided by Chris Brasher and Angela Coe (Seb's mom); fellow athletes Steve Cram, Daley Thompson, and John Walker; as well as coaches Peter Coe and Harry Wilson. In addition to race footage you will be exposed to the media making of the rivalry and public debate of the 1980 Olympic boycott. The main focus in the film is the time period from the 1977 World Cup to the 1980 showdown in Moscow. Only a couple of minutes of still images weave with commentary concerning the 1984 Los Angeles Games. Coe and Ovett were fierce competitors although their relationship mellowed to friendship in the years following their running careers. This BBC production is rare and difficult to find. The narration is provided by John McCarthy, the producer and director is Adelene Alani, and David Sinclair provided the music.

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Coaching 1600 and 3200 Meter Runners

Written and hosted by University of Florida coach Doug Brown, this 1999 release lasts 51 minutes. This instructional video is for anyone who wants to coach or run the 1600 and 3200 meter better. Brown's advice is simple: "There is no substitute for hard work!" Brown lays out the optimal training phases and spells out the necessary groundwork that must be done in the Base Phase, shares a sample two week training cycle for the Interval Phase, and provides a helpful variety of specific samples of workouts for different Speed Phase training sessions. He also briefly addresses weight training, warm-up, cool-down, and stretching as part of a training program. This video was once sold by Championship, yet is no longer available as they phased out all VHS tapes in 2007.

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Coaching By The Experts:
Track And Field Running Events

With former Olympic coaches Leroy Walker, Larry Ellis, Stan Huntsman, and Terry Crawford serving as instructors, this 48-minute video shows men and women athletes from Arizona State University demonstrating the concepts and drills. The video begins with an 8 minute segment demonstrating the essential elements of good sprinting form and starting technique. Next, in the 12-minute hurdles segment, viewers learn proper technique for the 110-meter men’s hurdles, the 100-meter women’s hurdles, and the intermediate hurdles. The relay segment takes 11-minutes to teach proper baton exchanges, demonstrating how to pass the stick in both the 400-meter and 1600-meter relay. Finally, the last 15-minutes of this production shows middle and long distance runners how to improve their running mechanics. The video illustrates how to eliminate lateral movement and other sources of wasted energy, and it explains basic race strategies. Produced in 1990 in conjunction with The Athletics Congress (now U.S. Track and Field) and you may purchase your copy from Human in either NTSC or PAL video format.

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Coaching Cross Country

2003, hosted by head coach Jack Hazen, Malone College, Canton, Ohio. Coach Hazen illustrates what it takes to establish a winning tradition for your team, including how to recruit and motivate young runners, as well as Movie of the Month, July 2007how to organize your total cross-country program. Details include pre-season and in-season planning, setting up a home course, developing a parents support group, fundraising, making cross country a spectator sport, and organizing successful home competitions. You can obtain this instructional tape from Championship to start applying 35 years of experience into your own cross country program.

Coaching Cross Country

One of America’s premier distance coaches reveals the secrets of Georgetown's cross country success for the past several years. Coach Frank Gagliano, coach of Steve Holman, Rich Kenah, and several other great American runners, discusses training philosophy, racing strategy, and the purpose of long runs, recovery runs, tempo runs, hill runs, stretching, and much more in this highly informative tape. College and high school cross country runners demonstrate Coach Gagliano's techniques and principles, using a variety of running terrain. Championship released this 40-minute VHS tape in 1997 and phased out this title as they went to DVD stock only in 2007.

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Coaching Distance Runners: Planning Guide for Success

This is one of the five discs in the Track & Field Coach’s Planning Guide for Success Series offered by Championship Productions. In this 39 minute production, Corey Ihmels, Iowa State University Director of Men’s and Women’s Track and Cross Country, outlines the seven key training components for distance runners. These keys include: High level of lactic threshold, use of general conditioning runs, correct use of recovery days, endurance and stamina, development of maximum oxygen uptake, development of aerobic power and lactic acid tolerance, and lastly basic 100 and 400 meter speed. Also introduced are drills that focus on dynamic stretching, running drills, hurdle flexibility, bounding and balance. Strength training, 5 phase workout planning, nutrition, stretching, proper sleep, and water consumption are all well illustrated. This program concludes with 21 warm-up drills that are crucial for preparation. Get this November 2007 release from to jump start your distance program.

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Coaching High School Track & Field:
Distance Running

Nationally recognized coach Will Freeman hosts this 102 minute DVD that is focused on developing the high school distance runner. Released in 2006, the concepts are presented in an easy to understand manner that will aid the coaching staff. Progressing from the season overview, you will gain knowledge about phases of the season down to the actual training sessions that will be performed to maximize potential. Freeman explains the types of training such as interval training, repetitions, core training, and strength training for the distance runner. He reveals both specific routines as well as practical ideas that he has learned over the years as the former Chairman of USA Track & Field Coaching Education. If you are interested in developing your distance crew than consider bringing this all inclusive instructional DVD as a resource for your team. Place you order at Championship where you can find a 29 second sample clip showing athletes performing calisthenic drills during their warm up.

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Coaching High School Track & Field:
Getting Started

This is the first of a ten DVD set entitled Championship Coaching Academy: Coaching High School Track & Field hosted by Will Freeman, Grinnell College Head Track & Field and Cross Country Coach and former Chairman of USA Track & Field Coaching Education. In this 75 minute presentation you will be provided a step-by-step guide that would especially benefit coaches at the high school and youth club level. Numerous concepts of coaching are presented such as essential coaching basics, what makes a good coach, defining coaching values, and ten principles of coaching. This DVD continues with Freeman providing specific discussions on developing a coaching system, challenges, teaching progressions, seasonal planning, workout structures, varying training, technical considerations, motivating athletes, utilizing leaders, nutrition, hosting meets and building up your school program. This 2006 release can be obtained from Championship where you can also view a 24 second sample clip where Freeman talks about self belief.

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