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Bill Rodgers: Running for Fun and Fitness

47 Minutes, Released in 1985 as part of a Fitness Series from Congress Video Group. Whether you run for health and fitness or competition, Rodgers has some helpful tips for you including: Proper running equipment and attire...a three-month running to relax muscles in warming up and during the run...avoiding injuries and what to do if they do happen...different techniques for short and long distance running. These features help make for a comprehensive program on running. Rogers is a four-time winner of the New York and Boston Marathons and you can access his web site here to find a complete biography as well as merchandise, or if you are only seeking the video go to

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Bill Rodgers; Alberto Salazar

Goodtimes Home Video released this video in 1983 that gives a biographical sketch of Bill Rodgers and Alberto Salazar along with a brief history of the marathon in Greece. This is part of the Sports Champions series.

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Originally released in 1965 this 86 minute black and white movie was released in VHS format in 1991. Some filming was conducted at University High School in West Los Angeles. The television premier was on NBC’s "Monday Night at the Movies" January 20, 1968. In 2004 this movie returned with color in DVD format. Patty Duke plays Billie who is a girl who has it all–the talent, the charm and, especially, the beat. The rock and roll rhythm in her head has her out running every boy on the high school track team. Proving that a girl can do it all, Billie runs circles around the boys and drives them crazy. This video challenges the role of women and their participation in sport. Billie goes so far that she even pole vaults her way onto the cover of a national magazine, drawing more attention to the amazing feats she accomplishes. Written by Ronald Alexander, produced and directed by Don Weis, with music by Dominic Frontiere. offers this item in both VHS and DVD. A review has been written by Chris Barry as well as another opinion listed at Movieline.

Biomechanics Studies of Track & Field Events

AKA: IOC Biomechanics Studies Tapes, Olympic Games 1984
View this title for the biomechanics of various track and field events at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. In addition to athletics, this tape contains a statement in French and English about doping, read by Prince Alexandre de Merode. The International Amateur Athletic Foundation was responsible for this 1989, 65-minute, version.

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Black Americans of Achievement Video Collection II: Jesse Owens

1994, 30 minutes, one of 22 video tapes in a two part series. This outstanding, acclaimed video contains fascinating archival footage, photographs, period music, and lively interviews with leading authorities about Jesse Owens’ life. It covers his achievements and their significance in today’s society, complete biographical information and the inspirational and motivational factors in his life. This title can be obtained by contacting Library where there is also a three minute video scene that can be viewed. This video was made possible by Schlessinger Video Productions with direction from Amy A. Tiehel and music by Michael Keck.

Black, Gold, Greene

2001, 52 minutes, French release by Reservoir Sport. Directed by Eric Hannezo and Bruno Girodon this documentary is one in the "Great Champions" series and utilizes French as well as English language. 27-year old American Maurice Greene is the fastest man in the world at the time of production having run 100m in 9.79 seconds (world record, June 1999). He has dominated the short sprint distance since 1997 by winning three world championships and being the reigning Olympic champion from the Sydney Games. "Mo" displays his own style and the cameras have followed Maurice Greene and his entourage for several months as well as conducted interviews with his parents, athletic trainer, and members of the world famous training group that includes Emanuel Hudson, Ato Boldon, and Jon Drummond. This film is a high-speed adventure that captures this kid from Kansas City who, through sheer determination and hard work has become one of the biggest stars in world athletics. This is a rare production and there is no current availability information at this time.

Black Olympians 1904-1984

AKA: Black Olympians
As part of a series, America: A Cultural Mosaic, this 28-minute, 1992 release, by Modern Educational Video Network, is available in 16 mm format. There is a historical overview of the Black American in the Olympics, celebrating eighty years of athletic achievement. Blending archival footage and interviews with Black Olympic medalists, this film traces the struggles of American Blacks to be part of American athletics. Narrated by Bernie Casey, this shows the progress of Black athletes as an important part of the struggle of Blacks to achieve racial equality in America.

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Blackbeard’s Ghost

Originally released in 1967, this 106 minute rated G feature film by Walt Disney was released in DVD format in 2002 with no additional features over the VHS production. This comedy features Peter Ustinov as ghost Blackbeard who is summoned by Coach Walker, the new track coach for Godolphin College, played by Dean Jones. There is no running for the first hour as the scene is set around the "Daughters of the Buccaneers" trying to keep their inn away from the local mobster, Silky Seymour, and Blackbeard’s antics with Coach Walker who is being pursued by the professor at the college played by Suzanne Pleshette. Only a moment of training is shown prior to the big track meet being held, the Broxton Relays. Blackbeard goes into action both on the track as well as with the field events bringing some interesting outcomes. The mile relay is the big finale on the track and Blackbeard pulls out all the stops on the last lap to affect the outcome. carries both the DVD as well as VHS versions if you want to own this film.

Blood and Honor at the First Olympics

First Olympics; Ancient Mysteries
Leonard Nimoy narrates this program from the television series Ancient Mysteries for A & E Home Video. Released in 1996 with a run time of 50-minutes it is revealed that the first Olympics were a far cry from today's athletic contests. Bodies were broken, battles were often fought to the death, and losers were sometimes trampled into the earth...witness the raw competition and splendor of boxing, wrestling, running, and the chariot race. This video was produced by Henry Schipper with music by Christopher L. Stone and Zeljko Marasovich.

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Blood, Sweat and Glory: Gods & Heroes

Thomas Lewis produced this tape from a seven part series entitled Blood Sweat & Glory. Bob Costas hosts this 57-minute video that was released in 1992 by Time-Life and PolyGram Video. The Games are captured through rare film footage, more than 100 years of athletes in action, interviews with record-breakers from around the globe, and an emphasis placed on the historical perspective of the Olympic Games. Quotes are provided throughout this video as segment breaks and some of the athletes you will see include: Jim Thorpe, Paavo Nurmi, Emil Zatopek, Harold Abrahams, Eric Liddell, Mildred "Babe" Didriksen, Thomas "Eddie" Tolan, Archie Williams, John Woodruff, Jesse Owens, Sebastian Coe, Billy Mills, Francina "Fanny" Blankers-Koen, Irena Szewinska, Marita Koch, Carl Lewis, Peter Snell, Herk Elliot, Douglas Wakithuri, Abebe Bakila, Miruts Yifter, Kip Keino, John Akii-Bua, Said Aouita, John Landy, Don Quarrie, and Alberto Juantorena.


Set in Montreal, combining the talents of three young Canadian actors with a music score featuring some popular rock performers, including David Bowie. The hero, Jamie, is an introverted teenager with a domineering father and a secret ambition to run in the Montreal International Marathon. Cheered on by his friend Myles and girlfriend Nicole, Jamie develops the self-confidence to overcome a series of setbacks and to realize his dream. Directed by Marc F. Voizard, this 52-minute 16 mm film was released in 1985. Written and produced by Tom Berry and Stefan Wodoslawsky the main cast includes David Matheson, Isabelle Mejias, Peter Spence and Walter Massey.

The Bob Mathias Story

AKA: The Flaming Torch (UK)
Bob Mathias plays himself in this 1954 black and white film that lasts 79-minutes. The film begins with the 17-year-old Mathias distinguishing himself at the Wembley athletic competition in 1949, then recounts his years at Stanford University. There's a modicum of suspense when Mathias' decision to marry his childhood sweetheart Melba (likewise played by herself) may prevent him from entering the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, even though the whole world knows the outcome. "Acting relief" is provided by Ann Doran and Howard Petrie as Bob's parents, and by Ward Bond as his high school coach. Directed by Francis D. Lyon and written by Richard Collins, I believe this film has never been released on videocassette in the United States. For a complete biography of Mathias go to ESPN.

Bodies in Motion

Produced by TV Ontario and released by AGC Educational Media this 18-minute tape is from 1998. As part of the Inquiring Minds series watch scientists explore why racers lean over the finish line, why certain body types excel in certain sports, why we need body fat, and learn how the runners in a race are accurately timed and where the body's center of gravity is located.

Border Clash V

This 2004 release covers the fifth running of Border Clash that occured at the Nike Campus in Beaverton, Oregon where the best cross country runners from each of the high school divisions from both Oregon and Washington raced one another for state bragging rights. This race was competed November 23, 2003 on a sunny morning across fields, bridges, bark chip paths, and over some roadways. The helecopter overhead broadcast live for the crowd and some of these images are incorporated into this 12 minute video tape. About five minutes each is dedicated to both the boys and girls race with some great slow motion shots and panning action. The finish line chute captures the effort these runners exerted and images from the awards ceremony round out this event tape. To view more race information, such as finish results, course map, and event history visit This tape comes in a plain white sleeve and was made available from the event host, Nike.

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Borderline Normal

2000, 85 minutes, filmed in Regina, Saskatchewan and Windsor, Ontario Canada. Directed by Jeff Beesley and written by Larry Mollin. The original version was done in English and it was also dubbed in French. Made possible by Heartland Motion Pictures with participation of The Movie Network. Starring Robin Dunne, Stephanie Zimbalist, Corbin Bernsen, and Michael Ironside. Fifteen-year-old Jeremy’s world is coming apart. Mom has moved to Windsor, Ontario, and Dad has stayed in Detroit with his eldest son. Caught in the middle of an ugly custody battle, Jeremy moves between the warring parents, loving them both. Jeremy is a young man whom everyone wants a piece of: his mother wants him for company and revenge, his girlfriend wants him to be the man in her life, his coach wants him to help the track team win, his brother wants him to get lost, and his father is absolutely dead set on having him return home... but for reasons that remain intriguingly suspect. Jeremy has to overcome his small size and asthmatic lungs as he tries out for the track and field team and in the end it looks as though the father might actually have Jeremy's best interests at heart; but that possibility won't bear the weight of the Can-Am games in which Jeremy and his brother find themselves both competing. Borderline Normal is a compelling, edgy coming-of-age story that offers an engrossing and entertaining look at family politics at their direst. Special thanks were offered to the Wheat City Kinsmen Track Club, Regina Athletic Track Club, and the Harriers Track Club for their assistance with this production.

Born to Run

This 25-minute film was released in 1979 in Canada by Window Films Limited. It has been distributed in both inch U-matic and 16 mm format. Runners of all types and ages discuss why they run and tell of the risks and benefits, from lower back pain to runners "high." Presents factual information about the hazards and challenges of the sport of running. Directed by Peter Shatalow and produced by Illana Frank and Martin Harbury. Do not confuse this film with the Disney Release about a horse by the same name.

Born to Run: A Tale of Endurance

This film covers the personal stories of professional athletes as they prepare for 2007 Men’s U.S. Olympic Marathon trials that took place on November 3, 2007. Filming took nine months in 2 countries and 15 states in order to reach the primary athletes of Abdi Abdirahman, Fasil Bizuneh, Jason Hartmann, Fernando Cabada, and Karl Dusen. Additional appearances come from Ryan Hall, Dathan Ritzenhein, Meb Keflezighi, and Khalid Khannouchi. Commentary is shared from a host of running talent including Bob Kennedy, Toni Reavis, Todd Williams, Jack Daniels, Mark Plaatjes, Amby Burfoot, Frank Shorter, Mary Wittenberg, and Weldon Johnson. The executive producer for this project is Amsalu "Saul" Bizuneh, direction by Zach Starr, the associate producer is James Adducci, and to round out the crew is assistant director Jason Powers. Learn more about this production at the official website,

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Breaking the Tape

Running with Jeff Galloway
1993, Produced by Galloway Productions, this 60 minutes instructional tape is available directly from the official web site of Jeff Galloway. Galloway has participated in about every aspect of running one can image, and has done so successfully. His list of accomplishments include: Runner for over four decades with over 115 marathons, 1972 Olympian, owned and operated retail stores, best selling author, Runner's World columnist, race director, PC software coach, designer of the walk-run system of training, leader of running camps and tours, and motivational speaker. Here is your chance to see Galloway's inspirational video production that includes topics of running as a lifestyle, nutrition, fat burning, shoes, staying injury free, clothing, stretching, establishing routine, technique and form, cross training, programs for racing, goal setting, pacing, mental preparation, peaking, marathon programs, and recovery. Although this list is long, there are concepts presented in this production that I have not heard from any other source. Filmed at the Princess Resort in San Diego, the featured runner is Jennifer Faust and music is provided by Derek Luff.

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Breakthrough to Advance Performance:
Building Confidence Everyday

Gain confidence. Gain time. Gain advantage.
Released in August 2007, this 55 minute DVD is about being at your best when it matters most. You can unlock your full potential by learning mental techniques that will help you both in your running as Movie of the Month, November 2007well as other challenges you may face in your life. Hosted by Bill Adams, himself a sub 2:49 marathoner, who brings his many years of teaching at Westpoint and Duke University to share insights into the key components of confidence: Developing a Mental Filter, Controlling Self-Talk, and using Affirmations. A special chapter is devoted to marathon affirmations and a small workbook accompanies this DVD to guide you in doing the exercises that are needed to integrate mental skills training into your athletic performance. Visit The Center for Advanced Performance to learn more about this production. Discover the six steps in creating your mental filter, the "Five Ps" of affirmations, how to utilize the Self-fulfilling Prophecy, and much more in this well crafted production.

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Bridge to Terabithia

Journey to a Secret Land of Friendship and Fantasy
Made in 1985, this film was produced as an episode of the PBS children’s show Wonderworks that were designed especially for children and families. Fifth-grader Jesse Aarons wants to be the fastest kid in his school, and likely would be, until a new girl comes to town, Leslie Burke. In a pine forest near their farms they create a fantasy world they call "Terabithia", a place where they can share their innermost secrets and dreams. Jesse’s friendship with Leslie changes him forever and enables him to cope with unexpected circumstances. Many people felt like this adaptation of Katherine Paterson’s novel did not live up to the content of the book. If you want to view some of the omissions and changes read a critical listing of 7 items that are missing in this adaptation. Beware, the list would be a spoiler if you have not read this wonderful Newbery Award winning novel. This movie was released in both VHS and DVD format and is still available used from To read about the 2007 version by Walt Disney, view the next listing.

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Bridge to Terabithia

This Walt Disney release hit the theaters on February 16, 2007. Adapted from Katherine Paterson’s Newbery Award winning book, you will learn that fifth grader Jesse (Josh Hutcherson) Aarons’ hopes of becoming the fastest runner in his class are dashed when a new girl Leslie Burke (AnnaSophia Robb) outruns everybody, including him. Jesse and Leslie soon begin a friendship and create a magical kingdom in the forest, where the two of them reign together as king and queen in the land of Terabithia. Visit the official website where you can read about the story, cast, and get the latest film information. A trailer can be viewed there, as well as through the Yahoo Movies site. Terabithia can be a magical place, only if the characters can truely learn the importance of friendship, imagination, and being yourself. Do yourself a favor and read this book prior to seeing the movie, it’s just that good and should not be missed. The Soundtrack from this film features 13 songs.

Britain 1948, The Olympic Games

Highlights of the 1948 Summer Olympic Games in London. The focus is especially on British athletes. Includes: Highlights of cycling, rowing, track & field, weightlifting, field hockey, equestrian, and boxing competition. Produced by Gaumont British News this 1948 black and white film lasts 16-minutes.

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British Gold

The Greatest Moments from Barcelona '92
60 minute, released in 1992. Chrysalis Home Video produced this "Official Highlights Video authorized by the IOC" that will take you day by day from the opening to closing ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics. Jim Rosenthal provides the overall commentary although there is also some BBC footage and commentary on individual events such as the Men's 100 meter. This is a featured race including full slow motion replay, part of the medal ceremony, and short interview with Linford Christie (the oldest Olympic 100 meter champion at age 32). Additional sporting highlights includes athletes from a variety of venues outside of athletics including: Sally Gunnell, Chris Boardman, Steve Redgrave, Matthew Pinsent, Jonathan and Greg Searle. Although discontinued in June 1994, you may try to order this video by signing up with "Video Hunt" through

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British Olympic Gold

This 45-minute PAL format VHS provides a compilation of 21 British athletes from 1960 to 1988. The featured athletes in athletics include: Don Thompson (50km walk Rome 1960), K.J. Matthews (20km walk Tokyo 1964), Anne Packer (800m Tokyo 1964), L. Davies (Long jump Tokyo 1964), Mary Rand (Long jump Tokyo 1964), David Hemery (400m hurdles Mexico 1968), Mary Peters (Pentathlon Munich 1972), Alan Wells (100m Moscow 1980), Steve Ovett (800m Moscow 1980), Sebastian Coe (1500m Moscow 1980 and Los Angeles 1984), Daley Thompson (Decathlon Los Angeles 1984). There are a few other sports represented like equestrian, rowing, swimming and boxing.

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Bud Greenspan’s Athens 2004:
Stories of Olympic Glory

This made for cable broadcast premiered November 7th, 2005 as a Showtime original film. Featuring seven Olympic athletes, the only runner is 1500 and 5,000-meter Moroccan track Gold Medalist Hicham El Guerrouj. Having dominated the middle distances for the last eight years, he approaches his third Olympic games looking Movie of the Month, July 2006for the elusive gold medal. The total run time is 95 minutes and storytelling is at the heart of this production with all the main players from past Cappy Production films including Nancy Beffa as executive producer, narration by Will Lyman, music by Lee Holdridge, and of course Bud Greenspan as producer, director, and writer. Read more about each of the featured athletes including Mariel Zagunis (fencing), Pyrros Dimas (weightlifting), Otylia Jedrezejczak (swimming), Lisa Fernandez (softball), and Anna and Kerrie Meares (cycling) in a news announcement from Showtime.

Bud Greenspan’s Favorite Stories of Olympic Glory

This 91-minute documentary highlights five stories that are very personal to Greenspan. Each segment is unique, attempting to bring new insights into the notable career of each athlete. Non-running athletes include: Nadia Comaneci of Romania in gymnastics, Duncan Armstrong of Australia in swimming, and wrestling heavyweight Alexander Karelin of Russia. Two segments that involve running follow. Considered by many the purist long distance runner in history, the story of Abebe Bikila is legendary. A member of Emperor Haile Selassie's Palace Guard, Bikila amazed the sports world by winning the 1960 Rome marathon by running the entire distance without shoes. His Olympic victory was the first ever for an athlete from an East African nation. The final segment spotlights Dan O'Brien from the USA. At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics O’Brien dominated in the first day of the decathlon, but he found himself locked in a struggle with an unlikely challenger, 21-year-old Frank Busemann of Germany, who was turning in the best performance of his life. This presentation glimpses into the character of these athletes, their willingness to work hard for their dream and finally to accomplish all that is right in the Olympian's pursuit of excellence. This is a 2001 Showtime Original.

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Building a Better Runner:
Building from the Ground Up

Get Stronger...Stay Healthy...Run Faster.
Coach Jay Johnson from the University of Colorado has teamed up with Coach Mike Smith from Kansas State University to bring you this 80 minute DVD that contains over 100 different exercises designed to improve strength, prevent injury, and help athletes run faster. Most of these exercises require no equipment and can be done virtually anywhere. Four major strategy areas are demonstrated by the former Kansas State University athletes: Metabolic, Preventive, Ground Contact, and General Strength. This DVD can be ordered from and it comes with PDF files that you can print out and take with you during your workout sessions. You can learn more at the official site, where you can view a sample clips, read more background information, and you are also provided the choice to purchase a download of this production (be sure you are using a high speed connection for this choice).

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Building a Successful Cross Country Program

2007. Coach Will Freeman of Grinnell College presents an overview of the key factors that should be present in developing a cross country program. Topics include creating a coaching philosophy, building a team tradition and history, training fundamentals, and logistical aspects that are essential elements of any successful cross country program. In addition, there is further discussion on creating a coaching philosophy, finding a place to train, workouts, working on strength, hosting meets, and team dynamics. Coaches offers this 98 minute instructional tool in both DVD and VHS format.

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Building Your Cross Country Program with Pride

With Joe Newton, York High School
Released in 2005 by Championship Productions, with a run time of 34 minutes, you will see coach Newton as he presents how you can build a solid cross country program that will lead your athletes to success in both life and running. Increase pride, select the right person for the right task, develop traditions, form teamwork, and make a legacy that is reflective of your program. These and other "secrets" are revealed from this well know and outstanding coach. You will enjoy the stories, wisdom, and practical tips that you can easily adapt to meet your specific needs. If you want to make a difference in a young person’s life then this is your chance to get the inside information from coach Newton who has a 40 year track record of success. To watch a clip or place an order visit Championship

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