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From her autobiography, This Life I’ve Led, Mildred "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias is joined by Joanna Lee in creating the screenplay for this film. This 1975 release lasting 107-minutes features Susan Clark in the role of Babe. Her athletic accomplishments from track, basketball, baseball, bowling, and golf truly set her apart from the pack as one of the greatest women athletes of the 20th century.

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Babes In Boyland

Idols of the Game: Episode Two
In sports, the standards and opportunities for the genders are as different as the sexes themselves. "Babes in Boyland" focuses on the obstacles female superstars have overcome to make it to the top. Placing this battle in perspective, the careers of top athletes from the same era, including Joe Namath and Billie Jean King, are compared. It celebrates athletes like Babe Didrikson, Chris Evert and others who have challenged conventional wisdom about women in sports. Produced by Mary Brown and Kathy Sulkes this 1995 release lasts 95 minutes as a co-production of Bobkat Productions and Turner Original Productions. Obtain your copy from in VHS format.

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The Baby Boomer Treadmill Workout

Results Only: The Exercise Video Series with Bobby Kelly
In this 1997 release you will join instructor Bobby Kelly with four "baby boomers", each at different levels of fitness (from a speed walker to runner), for an upbeat treadmill workout. After some introductions and instructions, the 39 minute worout begins as you are guided through a warm-up then start increasing your intensity at a level that is right for you. Every minute or two you will shift emphasis as you walk, jog, climb hills, and tackle increased intensities as you prepare for your "final kick". This tape follows through with about five minutes of stretching after the cool down. The music by Musicflex changes with the requirements of the workout and Bobby is there with you all the way as he mentions pointers about your form: stride length, arm carry, breathing, and posture. It will be easy to find your own comfort level with this tape as you follow along on your treadmill at home. You are sure to increase your fitness over time with consistent use with this tape. Treadmill Conditioning is another tape produced by Bobby Kelly and both are available at Results

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Barcelona '92 Olympic Games

The great performances and stories behind the XXV Olympiad
Bob Costas hosts this NBC sports video that was released in 1992 with a total tape time of 96 minutes. After the introduction and opening ceremony this tape jumps right into about 15 minutes of Track coverage and then about 6 minutes of the Field events. Eight Men's running events are covered showing everything up to 400 meters in its entirety. Linford Christie leads Frank Fredericks and Dennis Mitchell in the 100 meters; Mike Marsh wins the 200; Quincy Watts runs the second fastest 400 ever in leading Steve Lewis to the line in the 400 meter event; hometown favorite Fermin Cacho wins the 1500 meter where only the last straight is shown; Mark McKoy from Canada wins over Tony Dees and Jack Pierce in the high hurdles; Kevin Young sets a World Record of 46.79 in defeating Winthrop Graham and Kirss Akabusi in the 400 hurdles with unique overhead camera work for the first two hurdles; Mike Marsh, Leroy Burrell, Dennis Mitchell and Carl Lewis combine to set a World Record 4x100 relay in 37.40; and finally for men was the 4x400 finish with the United States setting another World Record of 2:55.74. The coverage of the seven women's running events features: Gail Devers, Gwen Torrence, Merlene Ottey (in her 4th Olympics) all in the 100 meters; Juliet Cuthbert and Ottey chase Torrence in the 200 meters; Hassiba Boulmerka becomes the first ever Olympic champion from Algeria in winning the 1500; Paraskevi Patoulidou from Greece took the 100 meter hurdles as Gail Devers tripped on the last barrier (Devers has a short interview following); Sally Gunnell wins the 400 over Sandra Farmer-Patrick; and both relay events are shown with Evelyn Ashford leading off the 4x100 at the age of 35 in her 4th Olympic Games. Field events follow for another six minutes before this tape ventures off into other Summer Games event coverage.

Barcelona ’92: 16 Days of Glory

NBC filmed the games in 1992 (above), then Bud Greenspan and Cappy Productions, Inc. spent their time delivering them in this 1993 release which was worth the wait. Lee Holdridge provides the music and Nick Michaels narrates this 132 minute film. The track athletes include Derek Redmond who tore a hamstring in the semi-final of the men’s 400m race, but finished with the assistance of his father; 10,000 meter runner Khalid Skah who won a gold medal, was disqualified and then reinstated; and Evelyn Ashford who at 35 was the oldest sprinter. Includes footage of the opening and closing ceremonies and previous Olympic Games. This tape has not been released to the public and there is no current source for the tape. You can read more about Derek Redmond at his web site Derek and to see his race I recommend obtaining The Olympiad Series: The Persistent Ones. Lastly, Bill Mallon wrote a review outlining each of the ten stories and it can be read in Adobe Acrobat format (see pages 4 and 5) from the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles Library, the only library that maintains a copy of this tape (they do not loan their collection, although you can view it there).

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The Basics of Lactate Threshold Training

Championship offers this 51 minute DVD that is hosted by Olympian, World Champion, and nationally recognized coach from Villanova, Marcus O’Sullivan. In the first section you will learn about the basic physiology of the phosphate, oxygen, and lactate systems. You will learn how to identify the threshold "line" that is the key element in establishing appropriate individualized training programs for each runner. Learn the needed heart rate and time formulas used to establish the ideal pace to boost running performance. Coach O’Sullivan also shares workout plans, including frequency and volume of a threshold workout, that will lead to less injury and overtraining of the athlete. This video combines science with practical aspects of distance training to bring maximum improvement for your athletes. This DVD is one of three offered as a Threshold Training 3-Pack offered by Championship Productions in 2006.

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Beach Runner

2002, Featuring Josh Dill, Joe Carmichael, and Adam Witkin, this 49 minute low budget original film was made possible by P78 Pictures and rdubdesign multimedia. Written, directed, and produced by Ryan Welch of, the story is of a high school athlete who leaves the promise of his father’s auto repair business to pursue a dream of being a runner. For 12 days he trains with others at the "Ashbaugn Beachrunner Academy" in hopes of taking home the title and obtaining a college scholorship. Some of the story is hard to accept like the large size of these distance runners, or that the three time state champion smokes a cigar in one of the scenes. The gritty film quality of low light shooting and the basics of the beach runner traveling on bike trails and through the woods, rather than on the open sand, make the distractions hard to ignore. There is some actual archival footage from a cross country meet in the early 1970's that is a treat to see. Filmed around Yachats and Waldport, Oregon, there is talk of making a sequel to this film in 2007.

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Beach Runner 2

Some Rivalries Never Die
The world premiere is scheduled for April 20, 2008 at the Wildish Theater in Springfield, Oregon. An additional showing is being planned in Portland, Oregon, yet the details have yet to be released. Learn more about this produciton by visiting their blog at BeachRunner2 where you can view stills as well as watch a music video about the film. In this sequel, Jimmy has his sights set on a national championship, yet his world crashes down when his team is cut because of Title IX. His personal life is no better with the health of his father changes for the worse. Will his relisiency win out when his rival, Leeton Kramer, challenges him again or will he remember that running is not for his own life but for the life of others. This film is a sequel to the 49 minute, 2002 low budget original film Beach Runner featuring Josh Dill, Joe Carmichael, and Adam Witkin.

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Becoming A Champion Distance Runner

2002, 60 minutes. Once made available from Championship this VHS tape was discontinued in 2007 when they went to DVD only format. This is the ideal video for the enthusiastic young runner who wants to learn the "ins and outs" of what it takes to make it as a distance runner. Learn Movie of the Month, February 2002form a three time Olympian, who began running as a 9th grader and over the past 20 years has helped thousands of young distance runners achieve success. Coach Doug Brown, former University of Florida head track coach, starts with the very basics to orient the beginner and provides much "food for thought" with his observations and suggestions. Some of the topics covered include: weight lifting, circuit training, involvement in multiple sports, shoe selection, keeping a running journal, nutrition, road races and their place for developing runners, and much more. Coach Brown also shares a sample workout cycle and gives a few important tips on racing strategy.

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Becoming a Champion Distance Runner:
A Champion’s Journey

This is one of five DVDs in the Marcus O’Sullivan’s Training Series by Villanova head coach Marcus O’Sullivan (4 x Olympian, 3 x World Champion, and 100 Sub 4-minute miles in a 15 year pro career). O’Sullivan was voted NCAA National Cross Country Coach of the Year in 1998 and in this production he takes you through his personal life story from his early childhood beginnings through his professional running career. Through his life experience, Coach O’Sullivan identifies eight attributes that he feels are necessary to reach the highest level of performance. With each attribute he shares personal experiences that relate to his success as an athlete, coach, and mentor. You will obtain an inspiring perspective of what it takes to become a champion distance runner. Place an order to obtain this 36 minutes, 2006 release from Championship

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Becoming a Champion Distance Runner:
A Champion’s Journey

36 minutes, 2006. In this up close and personal presentation, Marcus O’Sullivan takes you through his amazing personal life story from his early childhood through his 15-year professional career. He shares the experiences which have molded his life, both as an athlete and a coach, as he identifies eight attributes that he feels are necessary to reach the highest level. With each attribute, he shares personal experiences that relate to his success as an athlete, coach, and mentor. Join this four time Olympian, 3 time world champion, and 1998 NCAA Cross Country Coach of the Year from Villanova as he shares his philosophy toward becoming a champion. You may order this DVD directly from Championship alone or as part of a Five DVD Set.

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Becoming A Champion Distance Runner: Advanced Techniques & Training

This instructional video is for the distance runner who wants to go to the next level. Quality distance runners develop over many years through a dedicated training regimen. Coach Doug Brown shares many of the valuable and success-bearing lessons, training ideas, and philosophies he learned first hand as an Olympic Movie of the Month, December 2005runner, and now implements in coaching distance runners. The entire gamut of distance running is explored through Brown's discussion of endurance, flexibility, nutrition, importance of rest, balance in your training and in life, patience, visualization, peaking, and many other critical areas directly related to continued success and improvement. He shares sample workouts, talks about collegiate-level running, discusses the value of 2-a-day workouts, and covers other areas such as circuit training, warm-up/cool down routine, and the value of keeping a running log. Released in 2002, this VHS tape was previously available from Championship until they shifted to DVD only format in the summer of 2007. This video has a run time of 58 minutes and hopefully will be brought back into circulation.

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Becoming A Champion: How to Run Faster!

This 2003 release is 40 minutes and is hosted by Donald Chu and taped on location at Stanford University. Chu has spent over two decades working with athletes since earning his Masters in Kinesiology & Physical Education. He is a Athletic Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who has specialized in using plyometrics to aid in explosion and speed development. In this video you will learn concepts to help you run faster by developing a training plan and learning proper techniques. Dr. Chu shares the building blocks of the exercises, skills, and drills that will help the runner become faster. Chu offers the exercises and recommendations for implementing an effective body-weight circuit, eight key static stretches, five range of motion exercises, six balance drills, as well as exercises to assist in becoming more explosive. You may order your copy of this instructional video from Championship

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Becoming A Champion Hurdler

Hosted by Steve Lynn, the Head Track Coach at Iowa State University, comes this 2002 release that runs for 52 minutes. Four athletes (two men and two women) demonstrate techniques specific to middle school, high school, and collegiate level athletes. The first of five sections is "Warm Up" where stretching, dynamic leg swings, and sprint drills are conducted. Next are "Hurdle Specifics" that includes 12 minutes of foundation drills and technique work. Discussions of "The Race" take up the next 13 minutes. Setting the blocks, starts, first hurdle approaches, and three step drills are all discussed. The fourth section covers "Developing Speed" for five minutes. The last three minutes before the closing of this tape focuses on the "Long Hurdle Races". Visit Championship if you want to purchase your own copy in DVD format.

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Becoming a Champion Hurdler - Beyond the Basics

Released in November, 2007, this is one of eight discs in the Becoming a Champion Track Athlete - Beyond the Basics Series offered by Championship Productions. In this 30 minute release, University of Florida Head Track & Field Coach Mike Holloway takes you beyond the basic components of the hurdle event and shows you how to unlock your full potential. From explanation of a functional warm-up routine to increase flexibility and heart rate, Holloway continues with the proper used of the starting blocks. Next is an examination of the first eight steps to the first hurdle in the high hurdle event with a focus on establishing sprint form. Methods of increasing speed between the hurdles, attacking each hurdle, establishing flow and rhythm, and a strong finish are all discussed. Aspects of running the intermediate hurdles, with a focus on staying tall and running the hurdles on the curve is also included. This production concludes with a series of drills to improve the technical aspects of hurdling as well as race footage analysis which describes the components of a great hurdle race.

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Becoming a Champion Runner:
Competing with the Heart-Mind of a Warrior

Join Sport Psychologist Jerry Lynch in this 64 minute DVD as he provides the mental training tools needed to positively enhances your performance. Lynch explores common mental roadblocks that runners experience such as confidence in competition, the importance of desire in performing, how to take successful training runs into competition, how to stay mentally strong and positive during a race, the importance of establishing goals, overcoming fears, and mental strategies for focus and confidence in competition. You will obtain practical mental training solutions to help overcome each of the obstacles presented. You will also see a series of activities that reinforce the idea that positive thinking truly does impact an athlete’s performance and resolve to compete. This DVD was released in 2008 and can be ordered directly from Championship

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Becoming A Champion Sprinter

This is the video that tells you "everything you need to know" about sprinting. Coach Steve Lynn, one of track’s top sprint coaches, teaches the proper techniques of stretching, the "key" sprint drills, the start, strength and power training, racing strategy, and relay technique. The video includes drill progressions, individual training, common errors in sprinting, and much more. Championship offers this instructional tape for sale and you can also view a video clip of this tape at their site. The year of release for this 49 minute DVD was 2002.

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Becoming a Champion Sprinter - Beyond the Basics

2005 NCAA National Assistant Coach of the Year, Coach Ken Harnden from Florida State University, takes athletes to the next level in the Becoming a Champion series. This sprinting presentation begins with a series of warm-up drills followed by a series of components for starting. Next, the 3 x 30 drill is used to illustrate how the drive phase leads into the turnover phase. Harnden also includes strategy for short sprints as well as distances up to the 400 meters. Proper baton exchange techniques are also shared and rather than static stretching, Coach Harnden takes you into the weight room to share exercises that you can used to prepare yourself for successful competition. is where you need to go to order this 30 minute DVD that was released in 2007.

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Behind the Record: Alan Webb's High School Career

On May 27th, 2001, Alan Webb, from South Lakes High School, shattered Jim Ryun's 36 year-old high school mile record mark of 3:55.3 (set June 27th, 1965) with a time of 3:53.43 at the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, OR. Webb's coach, Scott Raczko, hosts this 40-minute video as you relive this record-breaking experience. Discover insight into Webb's personality, motivation, and work ethic as Raczko discusses Alan's development and how the training and racing schedules were customized to accommodate his unique abilities. Emphasis is given to the period of time surrounding Alan's record-breaking performance. The race footage is from home video and none from the actual record setting race. The primary focus is on Raczko speaking with sports journalists and if you have done much reading about Webb there will be little you will gain from this production. To obtain this video you can visit to place your order.

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Beijing 2008 Olympic Highlights

Included here is 36 minutes of televised track coverage which includes eight running events. Also included in this 91 mintue DVD is swimming, beach volleyball, gymnastics, and some of the opening ceremony from the Movie of the Month, October 2008Bird’s Nest. With three World Records in the sprints and an additional Olympic Record in the long relay, each of the biggest races are captured. You can request this title at both as well as directly from the NBC Store. Note that the NBC Universal store will only ship within the United States and a credit card is needed to complete your purchase (PayPal is not accepted).

The Best of Barcelona

Australian Sports Video is responsible for this 1992 PAL format release with a run time of 132 minutes. This video provides some of the most memorable moments from the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games including footage of the opening and closing ceremonies, Carl Lewis, Linford Christie, Gail Devers and the Australian gold medal performances at the games. The host is Sandy Roberts.

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The Best of Running and Racing

AKA: Running & Racing
This 1990 production from Salmini Films is available from in VHS format. Lasting 60-minutes, you will be seeing classic running action that was broadcast nationally between 1986 and 1989. You can see a 2:10 elite marathon runner as well as a biginning runner who turns in a 75 minute 10K. It has a little bit for everyone, whether you are the serious marathon racer or just starting your running program for fun and fitness.

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Best of the Best Olympic Moments

Writer, director, and producer Bud Greenspan joins his talents with his executive producer Nancy Beffa in this 1993 release which lasts 43-minutes. Both the winter and summer games are represented in this collection of greatest moments that is introduced by gymnast Mary Lou Retton. You will see glimpses of athletes such as Edwin Moses, Sebastian Coe, Valerie Brisko-Hooks, Carl Lewis, Evelyn Ashford, and Jesse Owens mixed between a variety of segments. There are several featured running competitions in this production: Babe Didrickson in the high hurdles, the inaugural women’s marathon in 1984, sprinter Wilma Rudolph, Dave Wottle in the 800 meters, and the 1968 men’s marathon won by Momo Wolde. The content of this film is identical to The Olympic Challenge that was released in 1992.

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Better Running: In Four Chapters

Running Technique - Basic Running Exercises - Stretching - Strengthening of the Torso Muscles
This 60 minute DVD is from Dr. André Albrecht from the Institute of Optimum Training in Wolfsburg Germany. You can select from narration in either German or English as you learn about propper running form, running drills, stretching, and a core strengthening routine. The two athletes who demonstrate these techniques are Johanna Schlenke and Daniel Wienbreier. The running is conducted on a treadmill and is broken into four main segments with slow-motion sequences to examine the finer points. After each area is explained the points are reviewed with illustrated emphasis imposed on the screen. Nine minutes is used to show drills that may be used in an active warmup or for strengthening and coordination development. The stretching segment has 21 different positions to isolate muscles throughout the body. The last ten minutes may be the highlight of the whole disc with 20 chapters illustrating core strengthening. You will find many variations of core and abdominal work so your workout will stay lively. Order this 2004 release directly by visiting

Better Track and Field Officiating: Running Events

The Athletics Congress; National Collegiate Athletic Association; and the International Amateur Athletic Federation join in 1989 to produce this 46-minute instructional video. This video explains track meet organization and duties of the following: Referee, starter, assistant starter, inspector, head timer, finish judge, clerk of the course, marshal, and announcer. It also demonstrates the purposes, uses, and operation of Accutrack, the wind gauge, and other instruments used in track meets.

The Big Moment in Sports: Volume 1

Roger Bannister is featured in this 24 minute film that was released in 1959. Filmed in black and white it was released by Sterling Educational Films and Hearst Metrotone News, Inc.

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The Big Chill

Spend some time with a few good friends.
101 min, 1983, Rated R for themes and nudity, 15th anniversary collector’s edition released in 1999 by Sony Pictures. This story is of seven college housemates (Tom Berenger, Glenn Close, Jeff Goldblum, William Hurt, Kevin Kline, Mary Kay Place, Meg Tilly, and Jobeth Williams) from the 1960s who have drifted apart and then reunite at the funeral of a friend. Having entered adulthood as non-conformists, most now belong to the establishment. Stunned by the death of their peer, sensing their own mortality and the loss of their innocence, each takes the opportunity to reevaluate his or her life and re-establish their bonds. These characters go out for a jog when discussing their lives (Oops, you can even see Hurt’s microphone wire off this hip) and enjoy the scene where the classic Nike shoes are provided to everyone from their friend who now works at the store named "Running Dawgs". You have several formats available from including the 15th Anniversary DVD, widescreen VHS, or standard VHS. The Soundtrack for this film features a very popular collection of songs from well known artists.

Big Sur International Marathon 2001

This 42 minute production hosted by Allen Martin and Brian Speciale follows the men's and women's leaders, Arsenio Ortiz and Janna Malkova respectively, and also covers many interesting stories that accompany marathon weekend. Short segments discuss the 5K race, team relay event, entertainment, race history (including the 1998 storm that washed out the roadway making that year an out and back course), the Grizzled Vets (the 40 athletes who have competed every year since 1986), and the "race day diary" of Brian Speciale's experience completing the race. The course along highway 1 is discussed, including the 2 mile climb up 520 feet to hurricane point, although the real thrill to this video is extensive helicopter footage of the Pacific Coast that is shown at the end. This event has been ranked the best of all marathons in North America in The Ultimate Guide to Marathons by Dennis Craythorn and Rich Hanna (available from Amazon .com). Visit the official marathon web site if you want to enter this event in the future. As stated near the end of this video, "Here we are in the most beautiful place in the world and we are running on the edge of it."

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Bill Bowerman

Oregon Public Broadcasting and the Oregon Historical Society presents a 29 minute look at Bill Bowerman on February 12th, 2007 as a segment of Oregon Experience Series. Using archival materials and interviews with Movie of the Month, May 2007family and former students, this 29 minute biographical production looks at the remarkable life of this legendary coach and co-founder of NIKE. This rides on the heals of Kenny Moore's popular book, Bowerman and the Men of Oregon, and prior to the 2008 USA Olympic Trials scheduled at Hayward Field in Eugene. Bowerman spent 24 years as head track coach at the University of Oregon (4 NCAA titles, 33 Olympians, 16 sub-four minute milers, and 64 All-Americans), yet he taught much more over the course of his life than just track and field. To purchase a DVD copy of this program, visit

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Bill Dellinger’s Track & Field Series

Bill Dellinger has twice produced instructional videos while as Men's Track & Field Coach at the University of Oregon. The most recent twelve part series entitled Track & Field Fundamentals has four tapes that involve running (the rest are throwing and jumping focused). The series is designed for coaches and athletes who are looking for basic yet essential information regarding skill development. The series helps establish a solid fundamental base from which the athlete can build. Strong emphasis is given to the analysis and development of the athlete's potential through a variety of proven drills. The drills and coaching philosophies presented in these tapes allow an individual's natural expression of a given technique to emerge. Each tape in this series is approximately 30-minutes in length. The titles of the tapes relevant to running include:
  • Conditioning with Stewart Togher
  • Hurdles with John Gillespie
  • Middle Distance/Distance with Bill Dellinger
  • Sprints with George Wallcott
These tapes are available through Wolverine Six of the seventeen tapes produced in 1988 involve running. Under the heading Championship Track & Field, this series is also available at Wolverine and include:
  • Conditioning the 400M Runner & Intermediate Hurdler. Different conditioning than that required for short sprints is demonstrated and broken down into elements of strength, flexibility, endurance and speed, with progressive conditioning drills emphasized. 21-Minutes.
  • Distance Conditioning. Guidelines and drills for competitive distance running are covered in this film that lasts 18-minutes.
  • Distance Running Technique. This program details aspects of top running form.
  • Hurdles Techniques. 21-minutes are used here to discuss and detail the proper form for high and intermediate hurdles. Demonstrates drills to help optimize efficiency throughout races. This program clearly illustrates proper performance over and between hurdles.
  • Relay Technique. Relays are won or lost in exchange zones. This program outlines phases of 400 meter and mile relays, showing best method for exchanging the baton. 22-minute video tape.
  • Sprint Technique. This program is broken down into leg speed, stride length and arm action. Also covered in the 18-minutes are block clearance, race patterns, and specific drills to improve technique.

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