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Above the Clouds

The Angles Crest 100 Documentary
With 48,000 feet of elevation change over the course of 100 miles this event is a true test of ultramarathon endurance. Runner Jimmy Freeman is shown in both preparation as well as during the race weekend. He has strong ties to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and has taken on this event to help raising money to help others in need. During this film you will see many of the mental aspects used, the ceremony that takes place on during the race, and rituals from many participants as they try to complete the distance under the 24 hour goal time. You may visit the official website at and if you want to read more details from Jimmy you can read his blog of the race.

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Across The Tracks

Two brothers. One running for his dreams. The other running for his life.
Although filmed in 1989, this action/drama was not released until 1991. This movie stars Rick Schroder and Brad Pitt as brothers with Carrie Snodgress as their mother. One is the perfect son, and the perfect athlete, obsessed with his dream of a track scholarship. The other is a short-fused teenage rebel, whose explosive anger threatens to destroy the people he loves most. It’s a story of a passionate sibling rivalry- and it’s power to shatter, or heal, the lives it touches. This film runs for 100 minutes, is Rated R for drug use and language, although it has also been edited into a PG-13 edition in the past. You can obtain this title in both VHS as well as DVD format from Visit the Cover Art Page to see five different images that have been used to promote this motion picture.

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Addict: Racing for Recovery, the Todd Crandell Story

In this 83 minute film, released in 2003, you will find one man’s quest to utilize his competitive spirit in a constructive way after losing himself in the cycle of addiction that takes him away from sport and into jail and homelessness. Crandell survives his 13 year drug and alcohol addiction and began his life of sobriety on April 15, 1993. The story is told by his closest relatives, friends, former high school coach, and Crandell himself as his life experiences are blended with his preparation and competing in the Ironman Wisconsin triathlon in 2002. You will also obtain a glimpse of Crandell’s non-profit organization,, whose mission is to help prevent drug and alcohol abuse, and is sharing this message through speaking engagements and hosting a series of 5k runs. Thomas Hofbauer is the executive producer, director, and is joined in the editing room by producer Deborah Halinski where they do an excellent job with the sound and use of still images to deepen the story. Order your DVD directly from the source at Racing For where you can also order his book, "Addict to Ironman" that is due out in April, 2006, for another look at this amazing athlete.

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Adidas Vancouver International Marathon Race Day Video

Brought to you by Marathon for four years running (2001-2004), this 40 minute video has been made available to all the finishers of the marathon as a unique remembrance of their special day. Although the 2003 event was wet, the runners interviewed all seemed to be enjoying this special day. If you order the video you can specify your finishing time (or race #) and get your finish documented by the "Finish Cam". These events are offered in three formats: CD (using Quick Time Player), VHS, or DVD.

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Adidas Vancouver International Marathon
Training Guide and Virtual Tour

2001, 30 minutes. Here you will see a virtual tour of the marathon course, as well as obtaining strategies from experts familiar with the route on how to be most successful in this marathon. Both PAL and NTSC formats are available from Marathon and stop by the official Adidas Vancouver International Marathon web site to learn more about future races. They also produce a video or CD that will be mailed about a month after the marathon that shows images of you taken along the course. This feature is becoming more popular with larger scale events as a way to capture your unique marathon experience.

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Advanced Methods for Lactate Threshold Training

with Coach Marcus O’Sullivan
In this 53 minute presentation you will see Coach O’Sullivan provide all the necessary information for making a successful threshold training program. Essential basics of lactate training are first introduced in a way that allows the complexities of the science to be easily understood in relation to training and running performance. The main goal of threshold training is to increase the efficiency of the heart. This allows the body to run faster due to an increased volume of blood that carries more oxygen to the muscles. Coach O’Sullivan then presents methods to use in training as it relates to specific running events. Sample workout sets are detailed on how to improve the level of a threshold workout without adding to the overall training volume. Specific details are outlined with regards to planning for the entire season as well as target segments along the way. If you want a deeper understanding of threshold training and what it can do to aid your performance then you can obtain this production directly from Championship where you can also find a clip to preview this item. This DVD is one of three, all done by Coach O’Sullivan, offered as a Threshold Training 3-Pack brought to you in 2006.

Aerobics- Jogging

This 30 minute 1980 release by American Home Video Library discusses how jogging can be an effective and enjoyable exercise for men and women.

Against All Odds

This 1996 title from the series "Olympiad Greatest Moments" contains "The Big Ones That Got Away" and "They Didn't Have A Chance". See individual listings for more details.

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The Agony of Defeat

1992, 35 minutes. Packaged with The Thrill of Victory and hosted by Craig T. Nelson (TV show "Coach"). Short cuts of physically painful sporting incidents including: Running, gymnastics, marital arts, running of the bulls, rodeo, car racing, motorcycles, Evel Knevel, snow skiing, ski jumping, surfing, bobsled, log rolling, diving, rock climbing, weight lifting, skating, and boxing. Even though "everyone lived to tell their stories" you still don't feel good walking away from this film. If you really want to see Mary Decker and Zola Budd one more time than this may be for you. However, if you expect to see Gabrielle Andersen-Scheiss (as her image is on the cover of this title) complete the 1984 Los Angeles women's marathon, look elsewhere as the footage is not included here.

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America’s Games

AKA: Atlanta 1996: NBC Sports Presents America's Games: The Greatest Moments of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games
1996, 86 minutes, NBC sports with host Bob Costas. Running highlights are included in this day by day account of the Atlanta games including Canadian sprinter Donovan Bailey in both the 100 meters and 4 x 100 relay and the record shattering sprint of Michael Johnson in the 200 meters (19.32), with interview and award stand reactions, following his Olympic record 400 meter victory of 43.49. Carl Lewis wins his fourth gold medal in the long jump, bringing his Olympic medal count to nine and Gail Devers narrowly wins the 100 meters and places fourth in the high hurdles. Other featured athletes include Dan O’Brian in the decathlon and Jackie Joyner Kersey reaching the medal stand in the long jump on her last attempt. There are glimpses of other events including the marathon, middle distance races, and some field events. Other sports that are included are too many to list although the swimming, weightlifting, softball, basketball, and gymnastics events were memorable as well with women highlighted equally with the men’s performances. This official Olympic highlights tape ends with a photo slide show conducted to Gloria Estefan’s song "Reach".

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America’s Greatest Olympians

A Century of America's Best Athletes
This 1996 video traces a century of Olympic stories from the 14 American athletes who participated at the first games in 1896 to more than 600 Americans who competed in Barcelona in 1992. offers this 94 minute production (get it used if they are out of stock) that was written, produced and directed by Bud Greenspan and narrated by Will Lyman. Although there are many Americans who are shown briefly in this film, there are five main stories, each lasting from two to six minutes, that include runners. These segments include running footage as well as interviews with the athletes. Betty Robinson was the first woman in track to earn a gold medal by winning the 1928 100 meter event in Amsterdam at age 16. In 1931 she was in a small plane crash and after years of recovery she was able to return to Olympic competition to win an additional gold medal in 1936 by running the third leg of the 4 x 100 meter relay. Wyomia Tyus stood in the pouring rain to except her 100 meter gold medal during the 1964 Tokyo games. Dave Wottle outkicked Yevgeny Arzhanov and Mike Boit, giving Arzhanov his first loss in three years, in the 1972 800 meter final. Joan Benoit separated from the pack at three miles during the inaugural women's marathon in Los Angeles in 1984 in won in 2:24:52. She left behind legends such as Grete Waitz (2nd in 2:26:18), Rosa Mota (3rd in 2:26:57), Ingrid Kristiansen (4th), Priscilla Welch (6th, age 39), Joyce Smith (11th, age 46).

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America’s Heart & Soul

Released by Walt Disney on July 2nd, 2004 in over 100 theaters in the United States, this documentary that is rated PG takes 84 minutes to outline 20 inspirational stories. An eight person film crew was led by director Louis Schwartzberg through 45 states as they captured the people and their stories. This collection of vignettes is rapidly paced with only three to four minutes dedicated to each with an occasional patriotic montage added. It is the story of Dick and Rick Hoyt that brings this film to these listings. Dick has pushed his son Rick, who has cerebral palsy, in 22 straight Boston Marathons (and over 900 events since 1979, including 185 triathlons and 62 marathons) and has a marathon best of 2:40:47! Visit Team Hoyt to read more about how they reach out to integrate the physically challenged into everyday life. You can also purchase their book, It's Only a Mountain, as well as their "Team Hoyt Ironman DVD" (That is not yet listed here) in addition to reading various articles and viewing photos at their site. To learn more about this movie production visit the official Disney Web Site complete with trailers, cast, and theater information. If you want to scan other online reviews link from the many options at the Movie Review Query Engine and grab your own copy of this film dircetly from

The Ancient Games

This film re-creates the historic Pythian games which were second in importance only to the Olympic games. Reenacted at Delphi, site of the original games, former Olympic decathlon gold medalists Bill Toomey and Rafer Johnson compete in the five events of the pentathlon. Originally issued as a motion picture by ABC Sports in 1972 with a 28 minute video release in 1980.

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Animal Olympians

1981, 58 minutes. Nova presents this look at the animal world and how it compares with human athletic performances. Host Lee Remick takes you through a variety of species as running is discussed as a weapon to avoid enemies through the use of speed. The ostrich travels at 45 mph, kangaroo at 25 mph, antelope at 44 mph, and cheetah is shown hunting at speeds over 60 mph. Man is shown competing in an entire 100 meter race, completing 400 meters, and at the water jump of a steeplechase event. Marathon runners are also compared to other species that travel for great time and distances and humans often pale in comparison to the feats in the wild that are necessary for survival. You will walk away from this film with two thoughts on your mind: "Man may be outstanding all around, but the animals are the real specialists" and "The matchless feats of the animal Olympians are miracles performed by evolution." As this video is over 20 years old you will need to visit auction sites and start bidding if you want to bring this title into your collection.

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Animal Olympians II

The Speed and Grace of Man and Beast
This 60 minute production was originally broadcast on the PBS television show NOVA on August 25, 1992. Later that year, Pacific Arts Video distributed the home video that was written and produced by Hilary Jeffkins and directed by Bill Butt. Host Jim McKay compares and contrasts human athletics with the animal world, from air to land to underwater. Topics that are covered include speed, body adaptations, survival, adrenaline, reaction time, storing energy, posture, climbing, aerodynamics, and aggression. Many athletes are shown running, with short clips being the norm as only the 100 meter races are complete from start to finish. Much of the footage comes from the 1984 and 1988 Olympic games and some of the athletes shown in competition include Florence Griffith Joyner, Jesse Owens, Babe Didrickson, Sebastian Coe, Roger Bannister, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Emil Zátopek, Edwin Moses, Carl Lewis, Joaquim Cruz, Nawal El Moutawakel, Grete Waitz, Rosa Mota, Joan Benoit, and Gabrielle Andersen.

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Antarctic Ice Marathon

Nelsen Petersen of Kibo Productions brings you this 40 minute DVD into one of the last frontiers of adventure, the Antarctic. A small group of adventure runners set out in January 2006 for the interior of Antarctica to challenge themselves with the grueling distance of the marathon with weather conditions that some early explorers ultimately found fatal. Join this group of modern explorers as they discover their own very special journey of the marathon. You may order this 2007 release directly from the producers at and instead of having popcorn while watching this one you may want to sit back and enjoy a snow cone.

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Aqua Jogger Complete Water Workout

This 55 minute tape from 1996 is sure to please if you are in need of moving your aerobic conditioning to the swim pool. Instructor Juliana Larsen brings years of experience to lead you down the right path of deep water exercises, shallow water workouts, kicking drills, wall exercises, abdominal strengthening, upper-body resistance training, and stretching. No one likes to be sidelined from running, due to injury or weather conditions, yet using these drills will help maintain your fitness level, add variety to your training, and will give you a good base to build from when the time to return to the impact of running on a surface. You can purchase this tape at and start setting new goals for your running.

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AQx Sports

intelligent training: just add water
This DVD comes with the purchase of AQX ATS Aquatic Training Shoes that were developed by head cross country and track coach Dr. Garry L. Killgore. With a run time of 13 minutes there are 5 chapters after the welcome screen: Who’s using AQx, Endorsements, Deep Water Running, Cross Country Skiing, and Shallow Water Exercises. General guidelines about running under water can be read at If you are expecting a strict promotional piece, you will be mistaken, as the content shows correct form for a variety of underwater activities that can aid in rehabilitation of sports injuries as well as compliment any existing training program without the impact. The five key points to underwater running are both explained and illustrated including: Water level, body position, arm carriage, hands, and detailed leg positioning tips. Get many more details at the official website where you can also read training guidelines and sample workouts. There are plans of making a more extensive workout DVD in the future and if the production quality is as high as this release it will be a really great tool for those who train under water.

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AQx Sports Aquatic Training

Intelligent Training: Just Add Water
You have seen the aids in floatation. You have seen the water training shoes. Now is the time to discover how to use these tools to their greatest potential. This DVD will show you how to get the most out of deep water running and shallow water exercises. You will discover proper range of motion and running mechanics while in the pool. Water running will help you improve strength, balance, agility, speed, and overall quickness. Whether you are using this method for cross training or rehabilitation from an injury, over 30 minutes of instruction will provide the right amount of intensity and proper form. This DVD was made in 2007 and can be ordered from AQX

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Arabian Knight: The Story of Sad Aouita

Moroccan record breaking legend
Pat Butcher (read interview) wrote and directed this 50 minute film. Shown on BBC2 in the UK, and also released in Scandinavia, this film became available on DVD in April of 2008. At the time of the films release in 1988, Moroccan Sad Aouita held the world record in five running events: the 1,500 meters; 2,000 meters; 3,000 meters; 5,000 meters and two mile. He is also a two-time Olympic medalist who captured the gold in the 5,000 meters at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles and the bronze in the 800 meters at the 1988 Games in Seoul. This film is a documentary of his life with comments from other stars of the track, namely Sebastian Coe and Steve Cram. Michael Sandrock, sports editor for the Colorado Daily, refers to this film in his 1996 book Running with the Legends. This book is an essential read for any serious runner and the chapter on Sad Aouita is aptly titled "It Must Remain a Secret". Visit to place your order or go to You Tube if you want to see a sample clip. For another Pat Butcher film see his 2001 production: Race For Kenya.

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Athens 2004 Olympic Games Official Highlights

The Finest Action from Athens 2004
2004, from the United Kingdom and available from the UK at With a run time of 90 minutes to cover over two weeks of Olympic action you can imagine that the events are condensed into very brief segments. For example, the opening ceremony is shown in about three minutes. Although the editing on the whole is good, and the events are broken into chapters, it is hard to say that it is a full recap of the games that deserve so much more than a single disc. Region 2, PAL format disc that shows all thirty medals brought home by the English team, including runners Kelly Holmes winning the 800 and 1500 meter event, heptathlete Kelly Sotherton earning a bronze medal and the men’s 4x100 meter sprint team winning the gold.

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Defy Definition.
This in-the-works documentary by first time director David Lam (and marathon finisher at New York, London, and Chicago) provides another perspective of what it means to be an athlete in endurance sports. Through profiles of both everyday, as well as extraordinary individuals, the commitment needed to complete a marathon or ironman triathlon is revealed. The official website,, is really well put together and you can view the featured athlete profiles, obtain news from the blog, and if you view the two minute teaser trailer you would likely have to agree that this may be one of the most anticipated running films to come out in 2009.

Athletes Who Rock the World

MTV Networks originally broadcast this 24 minute show on 7-26-1996. Mitchell Kozuchowski wrote, directed, and produced this title that consists of preproduced thirty-second vignettes as well as other footage taken of the athletes during interviews and practice. The viewer gets an inside look at each of eight athlete's goals for Atlanta and overall dreams for their career in their given sport. They talk about such things as ideal Olympic scenarios, fighting fears, and adjusting to the competitive world of sports. Two featured athletes compete in running events, sprinters Michael Johnson and Dennis Mitchell. This production was also a 1996 Peabody Awards entry.

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Athletics 1, The Sprinters

AKA: The Road to Glory - Athletics 1 (The Sprinters)
PAL format, 1999, 52 minutes, Rated E. The first of three of this series all narrated by Andrew Sachs. From the days of Thomas Burke, the first Olympic sprint champion in 1896, the fastest human beings on earth have captured the imagination of the public. Witness great performances by Frank Jarvis, Florence Griffith Joyner, Thomas Burke, Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, Betty Robinson, Gail Devers, Fanny Blankers-Koen, Don Quarrie, Herb McKenley, Marita Koch, Marlies Goehr, Pietro Mennea, Irena Szewinska, and Valery Borzov.

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Athletics 2, The Middle Distance Runners

AKA: The Road to Glory - Athletics 2 (Middle Distance Runners)
This program covers the rich diversity of the middle distance races, where speed, endurance and tactics combine to form a fascinating story of Olympic achievement. Some of the featured runners include Johannes Kolehmainen, Paavo Nurmi, Lasse Viren, Emil Zátopek, Kip Keino, Naftali Temu, Sebastian Coe, Steve Ovett, Peter Snell, Murray Halberg, Herb Elliot, and Tatyana Kazankina. Tony Davies produced each of the three Olympic Series. PAL format, 1999, 52 minutes, Rated E.

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Athletics 3, The Marathon

AKA: The Road to Glory - Athletics 3 (The Marathon)
The last of the Olympic Series released by Warner Vision Australia. Spiridon Louis, Dorando Pietri, Sohn Kee-Chung, Frank Shorter, Emil Zátopek, Abebe Bikila, Josia Thugwane, Waldemar Cierpinski, Joan Benoit, Rosa Mota, and Fatuma Roba are all showcased here in this 52-minute presentation. This program chronicles the amazing personal and athletic achievements of the Marathon runners where stamina, endurance and sheer determination unite in this most grueling of all Olympic disciplines.

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Atlanta's Olympic Glory

Two tapes spanning 210 minutes make up this 1997 Cappy Productions, Inc. film of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics Games. Among the athletes appearing in the video are track athletes Carl Lewis, sprinter Michael Johnson, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, sprinter Inger Miller and South African marathon runner Josia Thugwane as well as footage from both the opening and closing ceremonies. This Bud Greenspan production originally aired on PBS and was once sold through their store at

Australia...Determination, Guts, and Glory

This is the definitive record of the Australian performance at Barcelona in 1992 with its twenty seven medals, including seven gold. This 180-minute tribute to the Aussies is a day-by-day account of their performance. This is an Australian Sports Video release in PAL format.
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Australians at the Olympics: A Definitive History 1896-1980

Inspired by the Gary Lester book of the same title, John Konrads hosts this 48 minute video which was released in 1984. Ron Clarke and Herb Elliott (the miler many say was the best ever) and others are featured in this tribute to Olympians from one of the world's great sports-loving countries. PAL format released by Southern Latitude Films.

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An Autumn Marathon

AKA: Osenny Marafon
Originally produced in 1979 this Russian film from director Georgi Daneliya was released on VHS in 1990. This film runs 100 minutes and depending on the version may be dubbed in English or with English subtitles. The story is about a mild-mannered college professor who finds his life made difficult by hounding students, a nagging wife, a demanding mistress, and a neighbor who insists the professor jog with him each morning at dawn. This title has been released in DVD format which is available from

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